Bug - Project saved with Comp Shot Open, after reopen some keyboard shortcuts do not work in Editor

Hitfilm 13.1

Desc:- If project is saved when editing comp shot, when the project is opened again and user navigates to editor timeline, none of the timeline navigation keyboard shortcuts work. i.e. pageup, down, home, end, , + .


Open project, edit composite shot, save project while still in comp shot, close project, open same project. navigate from comp shot to editor timeline, navigation keyboard shortcuts don't work

It is reproducible. Have done the opposite with save project i.e saved when in editor timeline and reopened then shortcuts work


  • @escher303 this also seems to stop shortcuts in the comp you load as well. If you switch to editor then back again, the shortcuts seem to continue working. I will raise this as a bug.

  • Also worth noting that the shortcuts still do not work even if I save on the editor. This must just be a generic shortcut issue and can be fixed by the solution above.

    Shortcuts are something we occasionally have issues with and are looking at improving significantly in the future.

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