Bug - Fade to Colour Effect goes brighter than native clip

Description:- Fade to colour effect at end of transition goes slightly brighter than native clip, so when the fade to colour ends the clip goes down slightly in brightness. Happens at beginning or end of any clip.

How to recreate:- 

- add clip

- add fade to colour

- step forward with period key, notice the brightness increase one increment for each frame

- at last frame within fade to colour effect, brightness increments to one higher than native clip

- at first frame after fade to colour effect brightness drops down one increment

Have tested this on several different clips, old projects, new test projects, start and end of clip. Hit film version 13.1, decent spec PC. Looks like a specific bug in the effect itself and unrelated to clip etc.


  • I have tested this on multiple computers and with a variety of video files, and am not able to replicate the issue so far.

    What quality/resolution settings do you have selected on the viewer?
    Are there any other effects applied to the video files on either side of the transition?

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    Thank you.

    Quality/resolution:- Full - final - antialiased, but I have tried on all the other settings (1/2, 1/4, faster etc.) and It is clearly there with all those as well.

    Happens on files with effects applied, or without and in different projects. Just tried a brand new project and clip without doing anything other than add the fade to colour transition to the beginning and when I step through using ' . ' to go frame by frame it clearly happens. I reinstalled express 13.1 a few days ago too. Since I have noticed it, I haven't found anywhere where it doesn't happen.

    To clarify, the 2nd to last frame of transition is exactly the same as the first frame after the transition, and the last is one increment brighter.

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