Learning HitFilm Express from the ground up - No clear video play list anywhere.

Can someone please help me map out a viable learning pathway for learning HitFilm Express from the very beginning? There does not seem to be a coherent video play list to go from zero to hero i.e., I see plenty of beginner tutorial videos but they seem all jumbled and not organized in a step-by-step way for a newbie. Thank you!


  • @jamesmilo ; Have you looked at @Triem23 's Hitfilm University Playlist.  As I recall it's really for both versions and he is very religious pointing out what can and can't done in Express.  I think this link will take you to a playlist:


    Hope this is what you are searching for.

  • The Essential Hitfilm series on my Hitfilm' University channel is structured as a ground-up course, but was made in Hitfilm 2017, needs revision. 

    Jay Haynes, the @FilmSensei has a new Udemy course (created in HF 13,so already in need of revision) on Hitfilm Express. It's a great course and is about $10. 

  •  @JamesMilo

    Right now, you can get my Absolute Beginners Course on HitFilm Express Udemy Master Class for only $13.99. It is a 3 1/2 hour course over 71 lessons that covers everything you need to know about HitFilm Express. Here is a link with the coupon code you need... 



    Actually, HitFilm Express is still in version 13 for now. Only HitFilm Pro was updated last week. However, when FXhome does update HitFilm Express, I will add a new video to the course covering all of the newest features and benefits so students will always be completely up to date when it comes to knowing everything there is to know about HitFilm Express!

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