Upgrade/extension of purchase/support/subscription question

My current subscription/purchase for downloads of new versions/support goes until 10 April of 2020.  If I buy a new "upgrade" or whatever you want to call it now on this sale, will that extend the subscription/purchase out 1 year FROM 10 April 2020?  So it will then run out until 10 April 2021?

This is a bit confusing.




  • I believe when you buy it you get a option when to install it in your account and activie it, so as long as your one runs out until next April there is no reason to active the one you may  get now as I believe it may reset itself?


    Then again I could be wrong?

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    Thanks Gareth.  That's why I'm confused.

    I'm also staying on Pro 11 at the moment .....have a couple of projects well in the works and don't want to change horses in the middle of the stream.

    But based on my upgrade timeframe .... this new update (14) should already be "mine" also.... and whatever comes up again until April 10th.

    I just don't really "get" if I can buy now for the future (so to speak).  Or if I buy now.... that the new year starts on the date of purchase....which would make no sense for me to do now.

     I really need an answer from "staff" on this one.



  • your still on pro 11 did you say?  until 2020 you  know you can upgrade to 13.1 or 14 now and that is part of your subscription. plus you know if it doesn't work as well you can also reinstall a previous version. I think 13.1 is the most stable that is what I am using atm until I finish my recent project. yeah sure wait until a staff member can confirm how it works. I am about to but my extend mine as its due to end of the 3rd of December.

  • If you have "time left" on your upgrade license and buy another year now it will add the full year from whatever end date you already had. 

    So, if your license ends in April 2020, buying another year's license today would extend you to April, 2021.

  • What does a typical renewal license cost?
    I'm still on Express but am considering Pro now that it supports AE plugins.


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    @tomkane18 if you go to www.fxhome.com/store you can see the current offers available during the black friday sale.

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    Just bought another year's support/upgrade.  Good til April 2021 now.



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