Black friday sale

Its now 26/11/2019  12.6am (UK time) yeah its black Friday sale!.. Check my emails nope I still have 14hours to wait! whattttt lol 

guess I have a few hours to kill now off now

well that was a bit of a fail lol


  • Plus why is it called black Friday sale on a Tuesday lol am I missing something :PP

  • When do the sale actually start?

  • well according to the email its now and there YouTube its today so techicaly now I can't see anything on there main page at all advertiseing for it?

  • it has been updated now to this

  • @GarethOwen - I think its the same reason that when you are in school, Christmas Vacation doesn't necessarily start on Christmas day. 

    This sale is an event centered around Black Friday, but includes days both before and after that specific date. Because we didn't want to wait that long to start getting these deals out to you all.

  • Fair enough, but saying its it's for a certain day and then comes out a different days before that is a confusing lol Should call it the FX Home pre Christmas sale or something. Either way am buying my extension for pro today so its all good :)

  • @GarethOwen a large amount of other online sellers have also done this, Amazon is a prime example (pun not intended).

  • It's called Black Friday, or I should say Black Friday came into existence because; Up until the Friday following the last Thursday of November (Thanksgiving here in USA) retailers where operating in the red (negative cash flow); and by the last Friday of November retailers were finally operating in the "black" (positive cash flow).  Hence "Black Friday" 

    I'm just full of useless information.

  • I'm a youtuber with a meager channel. I've been using Hit Film Express for a year now, and I'm pretty comfortable with it's basic features of creating videos.  I've done 1 special effect cutting steel with a light saber.  If nothing else, it's good for comic relief to a coma inducing topic.

    I'm considering purchase pro, but I don't know what the annual commitment for upgrades will be.  that's kind of the determining factor.  I don't know if its worth the expense for "features I won't use".  

    The biggest time suck is keyframing.  I get about half way through the effect, look at how much time I've spent - get discusted and yell at my self, "BACK TO WORK!" so is there an add in that will help?  Not with the guilt, but more with reducing the amount of time to produce a 20 minute video.

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    @JagMods You don't have to upgrade each year if you don't want to.  If you purchase Pro today it will continue to run even after the yearly license expires.    However you do get a year's worth of updates free as FXHome will continue to release bug fixes and updates during the year.  Once your yearly license is up the software will still run and you don't have to do anything.

    Edit: Moderators are not staff. We are volunteers who chase down spam. 

  • @Stargazer54 ; Ah, the elusive SPAMChasers...isn't that the next new series on SyFy channel?  :)

  • The discounts were amazing. Waited for months to get the black Friday sale and very much satisfied now

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