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First of all thanks for all the new features in V14.      I am trying to use elements but when I drag it on the plane and open the effect, I do not see "Scene Set up"   Saber works and Optical flares will start, but I also do not see the set of page with the flare selections as I did in AE.    What am I doing wrong?  






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    PC or Mac?

    On my PC  I am able to launch the Scene setup only once. If I try to reopen E3D or if I close and reopen a project Element will not open. You can see it trying but it just can't make it. Must be a problem.

    Now - If I port the project over to the Mac I'm able to open the project and Scene Setup without issue (so far).

    I started a thread here if you want to see my progress.


    As for Optical Flares (on the PC) - Although HF 14 auto recognized the Adobe install path for Optical Flares I did have to reinstall the pro set(s) before those folders showed up in the PC version. I also had to do this for ALL VC plugins installed on the Mac/Catalina. They were autodetected but did not work. After reinstalling for AE 2017 (the original path) everything seem to straighten out.


  • Thanks Gray Motion.   It's a PC

  • Bob,

    I can't recall since its been a few years since I used E3D. Were there Primitive models with Element? If so I don't see them listed.

  • GrayMotion,


    I am using  version 2.2.2 and it has the starter pack however I believe that the primitives are on the top under create.

  • Of course. I forgot they were moved from Models in 1.6 to 2.2.2. Thanks for the jog! 👍

  • Bob,

    I received this from Axel. Might give it a try...although it did not work for me.

    "Thank you for your reply, and for those additional details. It sounds like the Element 3D window might be opening behind the main window for some reason, and causing these issues because you can't access it

    Can you please try the following?

    The next time this occurs, can you please press ALT+Space, to open a menu for the active window. Select Move in the menu, then use the arrow keys to move the window until it is visible.

    Alternately, you can try pressing Win + Shift+ Arrow Keys. Press them several times, and see if the Element 3D window comes into view."

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