[SOLVED] Imerge pro and CR3 (Canon)

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Have a nice day, how can I get my canon camera CR3 files open?
Is there a way to set Imerge Pro to make CR3 files usable without having to use Adobe DNG converter

Thanks for the attention.



  • Hi @Dario77, currently Imerge Pro doesn't support CR3 format RAW files. Support for this format may be added in the future, but for now your only option is to convert to DNG.

  • Thank you.

  • @SamuelMorris, just curious, but when I first downloaded Imerge Pro 5.0.8, I was able to import CR2 files onto canvas. Just wondering if CR2 is a supported RAW format? It's news to me that CR3 is not supported, although it may have changed in a later update prior to my question.

    I ask, cuz recently I'm unable to import CR2 files now and any project using CR2 RAW files states the file cannot be found.

  •  @chanenchong yes, CR2 files are supported and have been since the first version of Imerge. CR3 files are not currently supported.

    If you are having trouble importing CR2 files it would be worth contacting support here https://fxhome.com/questions/submit

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