Hitfilm 14 bugs and nasties?

A couple of things on latest Hitfilm 14:

1) starting HT and loading a project: the timeline, which has focus, wont respond to keyboard commands - e.g. spacebar for playback, "home"/"pageUp"/"pageDown" keys for navigating. One has to make the viewer active then return to make the timeline active and things are then all-good. A minor thing.

2) this might be an old bug but is a real nasty one. If you load a project and any required fonts are not installed it doesn't indicate in any way I can see what fonts are missing. The text objects themselves happily say that they're "Arial" (or whatever your system default may be presumably). If you don' t have a separate record of what fonts you were using you'll be screwed. As a graphic designer I have thousands of font and use a font manager to load/unload them as needed (to avoid horrid system slowdowns etc.). Thankfully I store copies of font files with individual projects, but I reckon many people wouldn't take such an approach, and even then I'd have to recall which fonts were used in which instances. I've not tested what would happen if you saved a project that had missing fonts - i.e. does it then lose any link to the original typefaces? If it hasn't been re-saved and you install the correct fonts then Hitfilm picks them up OK when you next load the .hpf file. 


  • 1) I also noticed some sketchiness with keyboard focus (shortcuts) on panels. The panel had or should have had focus but it did not seem to take. Had to click away(?) and then click to focus the panel again.

  • When a new update or version comes out, I tend to hang tight until things get smoothed  out just incase things pop out and you hit brick walls until they get sorted out..


    have you uninstalled and reinstalled it as a test ?

  • GarethOwen "have you uninstalled and reinstalled it as a test ?" - I installed V14 upon the release notification, but then they released a "14.0.1" update (although the version number is not reported as that) just a day or two after, so I uninstalled the first V14 and installed the second. Both had the same behaviour with the timeline but I only checked the font issue with the second update. That font problem may have been in the program for a long time for all I know, it's likely not so much a bug as a shortcoming in the design. Most professional applications will flag any missing font issues, even if they're not specific about it, but HitFilm just carries on as though there's no problem using a default font as a replacement. I don't know if it was designed to do anything different.

  • Ah fair enough.

  • Hitfilm does not report missing fonts on project load. It does remember the missing font. It just gets substituted at use with some default. 

    These days missing effects get reported on project load. With a list of use locations. One can hope that happens with fonts. To me this lacking feature is a bug. If a loaded project cannot work do to something missing we must be told this. Obvious somethings are timeline media files, 3D texture media files, fonts and effects. Basically any file external to the project file. I never tested if missing 3D texture files are reported.

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