[SOLVED] HitFilm 14 UI Font Issue in Windows 10

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I just installed HitFilm Pro 14.0.1 and I'm experiencing an issue where the UI is displaying strange characters throughout the entire application (see screenshot example  from the link below). I was previously using version 13 and did not have this issue the last time I used it (although that was a few months ago). I thought the problem could be a corrupt or missing system font, so I found a web site that had instructions for restoring missing or damaged Windows 10 fonts which I did but this did not fix the problem (my Windows 10 installation is also up to date). I also uninstalled/re-installed HitFilm which did not help either. Anyone else experiencing this or have a solution? So far this is the only application installed on my PC that is having this problem.



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    Probably won't be the fix, but also make sure your GPU drivers are up to date.  Might be best to put in a ticket with FXHome support, as this does sound odd.

    They will also want your system specs, so just as well post them here, as well.


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    My video drivers are up to date. I de-installed 14 and re-installed 13 and found that 13 also displays the strange UI characters, but only on the left side of the opening home page - the rest of the application doesn't have this issue so it's usable. I'll open a ticket as you suggested and use 13 until I get a solution - thanks.


  •  My system specs:

    PC with Intel i7-3770K 3.5 Ghz CPU, 32 GB of RAM

    Nvidia Quadro K4000 video card

    Windows 10 Home 64-bit (build 18363.476)

  • @JohnnyZ

    The one thing I do notice is that your CPU is technically under spec to run HitFilm-  a 4th Generation Core processor is the requirement, however, your CPU is only 3rd Gen.  It may not be solvable, but since 13 was previously working fine, there is probably a solution 

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     It turned out that the problem was with a font called "Inter" which the FXHome support team asked me to check - this particular font seems to be nothing but dingbat characters instead of letters, so I simply deleted the font from my Windows font folder - the UI text in HitFilm now looks normal. I think this font has been on my system for a long time, so I'm not sure why HitFilm was using it. I also have another font installed called "Inter-UI" which is a font for user interfaces - maybe the other font was causing some kind of conflict in versions 13 and 14?

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