Growing a YouTube Channel Using Hitfilm.

I recently upgraded from Hitfilm Express to Hitfilm Pro, I had basically learned the software inside and out and wanted to become more ambitious with the projects and videos I was creating... I'm a 15 year old from Canada and here is some of my work! 



  •  Well welcome to the forum and the Hitfilm community. Re the above video, some nice 3d work and camera. Great your using Pro at great time to have the software it had made some major breakthroughs including animated textures. Most of us run a thread with all our work and update the title to indicate a new post. Good luck with the channel YouTube is a long hard slog these days. 

  • I think it looks great. I checked a few of your other videos and some interesting stuff.
    Youtube is difficult. Maybe you need something extra which give the viewer something (like a tutorial) . 

  • @RyanRaake ; I agree with DafterThings.  Tutorials always seem to draw me in before anything else I can think of.  Your animation is miles ahead of me.  Good job.

  • Good stuff.  Love the Immelmann move (or variation thereof) on the tie fighter!

  • Andy001z Thank you I'll try that for sure! :D

    Are there any suggestions you have foe me on YouTube? 

  • DafterThingstddavis I have tried some tutorials, but they always get the least amount of viewership... I have done some VFX breakdowns for most of my videos and they seem to get more attraction. Does doing tutorials eventually catch on? Thanks for the responses! :)

  • Stargazer54 Thank you! I mostly just used points easing in and out points and animated the rotation of the 3D model...

  • I think you augment whatever your usual content is with tutorials.
    Somebody suggested the same to me but, frankly, it's not really what I started my channel for.
    I'd still like my channel to grow but, whether it does or not, I want to post content that I'm interested in making and in the time I have available to make it. If I didn't I don't think I would last long.
    Not sure if that helps at all.

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