Hitfilm 14 and Windows 7

Is anyone running the new Hitfilm 14 on Windows 7? I noticed the minimum requirements are 64-bit Win 8/10. I have V13 running fine on Win 7 and am wondering if I can upgrade or is it gonna screw me?


  • I can try it tomorrow for you. 

  • @AndyQ

    HitFilm has not officially supported Windows 7 for years now. While they have on occasion fixed Win 7 specific issues, it's doubtful that they will continue to do so after the End of Support deadline in less than 2 months. This brings up a very important point, which you have probably heard 1000x over... Upgrade to Windows 10! Yes, it is not the funnest thing to do, but very shortly you'll start losing support for the latest versions of software (HitFilm included), not to mention you'll be left vulnerable to serious security flaws on your system. You upgrade all your software to the latest and greatest version, you really should upgrade your computer as well. The majority of computers that run 7 can run 10 as well. The upgrade is STILL FREE for Win 7 users. 10 may not be the best OS, but it's what's going to keep your computer running smoothly for years to come. If you have been reluctant, NOW is the time.

  • From my research thus far the chipset on my workstation isn't Win-10 supported. I'm still looking into it, but it's a 6-year old Lenovo C30 workstation with dual E5-2630 Xeons, 64 gig RAM, Quadro K4000 and shedloads of storage.  Lenovo certainly don't support it for Win 10 so I'm worried some critical drivers might not be updated, e.g. RAID stuff or something. I don't want to bin it as it's still pretty damn fast (faster than much newer machines I have). I do have other machines running Win 10 so it's just this puppy I'm concerned with.

  • Hi just installed 14 on win 7 all went fine and my last render worked fine. Looks ok to me. But your setup might be different.

    One thing you might want to do, get a cheap win 10 license pop an SSD in the machine and dual boot. Test your driver's on SSD and if all ok you can ditch win7.

    It was pretty easy to do.

  •  Andy001z Thanks for testing and the dual-boot test suggestion.

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