Vagabond dailies

I've decided to do daily projects on an almost daily basis, 3-4 days a week likely. This is the thread where I will be uploading all these projects!!!

Today's project I made a winter scene outside of a window. I had to match move the base video. Then it was just some masking, simple 3d scene setup, and a few other dirty tricks to get the final shot. I'm quite proud of this shot, I think it turned out pretty well. I'd say in total 1.5 hours were put into this. As always, any feedback is greatly appreciated!!!

After rendering it out I realized that there's a lot of slipping going on with some 2D pine needle assets on the tree. But it is currently 11:56 And I don't have time to fix it. I'll likely go in tomorrow to fix that up. But other than that I think everything's looking pretty good!


  • Another one day project in the books!!! today was the first day back from break, so I finally had time to get a project done! My brother came back from college over break, and we had people visiting all the time, I didn't find any time to work on a project. 

    This project stemmed from some footage on pixabay of a train going by. I decided I was going to put the train on a cliff on a mountain. I'm definitely not happy with the shot, but I really need to get some sleep, so I'm calling it done. I will likely have the day off tomorrow due to the snow finish up this snowstorm, so I'll probably be able to finish up this shot and then do another daily project!

    As always, any constructive criticism is welcome and greatly appreciated!!!



  • Just needs a little roto cleanup and your final grade, and that will look sweet. 

  • Pretty good. :)

  • Newest one is done!! I decided to try something a little different. I had a few hours between the end of school and the next thing I had to go to. I set myself a time of 30 minutes to collect all assets I might need from the internet. And then gave myself an hour to actually put together the comp. Pretty happy with how it turned out.

    live-action elements came from red giant ( this is a great resource for free green screen practice footage. 

    Feedback is GREATLY appreciated. Especially in color grading and color matching in this shot. Thanks!

    Here it is!!!

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