New text functions - great but still no keyframing???


I'm quite excited about the new text features in V14, but disappointed by the fact that many new attributes cannot be keyframed (one above all for me is horizontal letter spacing). Any hope to have them automatable for 14.1?

This has been there for ages even in more amateurish products like Magix Movie Maker and I have to use Boris Text, a bit cumbersome, just for that...




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    "Any hope to have them automatable for 14.1?"

    I doubt it. I am sure there is a camp at FxHome that would like to be able to keyframe at least some of the text properties. I doubt the development time will be allocated for such a feature.

  • @mabian typically .1 versions are used as patches and bug fixes and rarely include new features. If this is something you would like to see, then feel free to post it on our wishlist thread (I haven't yet seen any request this in my time working here, it would be a good addition.)

  • @TheBenNorris.... Right, you're fairly new to the company. Time to whip out that list of feature requests I haven't bugged Ady or Cedric with in a couple of years, since they'll be new to you, and you'll get all excited!

    Like keyframing text layer parameters! :-)

  • @Triem23 Drops the microphone!!!

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    As @Triem23 said this is not at all a new request.

    Also, about "minor" updates with just bug fixes, we could talk about this "minor" feature that was added in 13.1.... :)

    Implemented integration between HitFilm 13 and VEGAS Pro 17. (PC)

    I'll have to stick with BorisFX for these cool "enlarge your text" magic...

    Hoping for V15 then.

    BTW.... :)



  • @mabian I would say that could be considered a bug fix, since the integration existed for previous versions of VEGAS pro prior to 17. Like I said, mentioning it on the wishlist will really help boost the support for the feature and make it more likely we work on it. Based on what @Triem23 said it certainly sounds like a useful feature, so I'll try to bring it up with the rest of the team at the next suitable time.

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