How do you install AE plugins?

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Just downloaded V14, it looks very nice and looking forward to the new interface.

I've downloaded Video co-pilot Orb and Saber, but there are no instructions on how to install in Hitfilm Pro in the help - it's still on V13.

Any insights?



  • When you run the installer for Saber, It looks for After effects. But there is a small button for "Custom Install" Click on it and it will ask for the path to the plugin directory. Just point it to the plugin directory in The HitFilm folder (C:\Program Files\FXHOME\HitFilm Pro\Plugins)
  • Perfect, thanks!

    I now see a Video Copilot folder in the effects menu, and all of the controls when I put the orb effect onto a plane.

    Time to play....


  • No problem. So far I installed Orb, Saber,  and Element. All installed the same way with no issues.


  • Silly question but isn't saber very similar to the lights word ultra effects?

  • And the Neon path effect mainly?

  • Probably very similar. I just think it's great that we are getting more options to work with and better compatability with 3rd party plugins. I have some Newblue plugins that gave me some issues with version 13. I'm anxious to see if they work better now. I haven't used Saber yet, but I'm looking forward to it.

  • Hi just tried to get ORB to run in Hitfilm Pro 14 but getting an error that they report might be GPU driver, but I have the latest. It installed fine, just won'd function. Any problems out there in the wild people?

  • Saber worked perfectly, but I had an issue with ORB. I created a planet, added textures, atmosphere, etc. It was very detailed. When I tried to animate the rotation, hitfilm locked up. It could be my fault. I am unfamiliar with ORB and just jumped in, so I may have done something wrong. I will have to try again when I get the chance.

  • Does anybody know if HF Pro 14 supports older versions of Trapcode Particular (2.2) and Element 3D (1.6)?

    I have both installed and running in AE CS5 but when I try running the installers again, Hitfilm Pro is either grayed out or only Premiere Pro and After Effects are offered as options. Ticking the Custom Install button is no help.

    Also, I'm on a Mac and the only way I can see the plugins folder is to right-click on Hitfilm Pro and select "View package contents" which I can't see during the installation process. Does anybody know how to access this folder during installation?

  • @Leonerdo you should only need to use a custom installation for the plugins if you do not have a version of After Effects installed. If you have them installed and they are supported, they should be detected.

  •  Unfortunately, I do not see either the Trapcode suite or Element 3D  (or Saber) listed in Effects. Only the native Hitfilm effects. And I have AE CS5 and AE CC trial installed. And these plugins are working properly in AE CS5.

  • I have Particular 2.2.6 installed. It emits particles for 5 frames and then stops working.  Latest Element 3D seems to work fine although it's pretty slow in Hitfilm.

  • BoJohansen, that's encouraging to hear about Particular 2.2.6.  Are you on a pc or Mac?

  • Can you install the AE plug ins (Saber and Orb) on the free demo version of Hitfilm Pro?

  • one way to try is to try lol


    This may sound silly, but I can't find the textures for orb when I open it in HitFilm. Is there a specific folder where I'm supposed to put them? 

  • Leonerdo:  I'm on PC.

  • Is it just me or is there no way to parent the point and hilt of the Saber to tracked points? 

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    i installed the trial of hitfilm pro 14 to see how well the after effects plugins work in hitfilm but after installing the plugins to the plugins directory for hitfilm, none of the plugins show up in effects in the app.

    is there something with the trial version that locks you out of installing the after effects plugins?

    i'm really eager to check out how well the vc plugins integrate into hitfilm and my upgrading is dependent on it. is there any way for me to check this out without pulling the trigger first?


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    I have After Effects CS6 and the plugins are not being picked up in Hitfilm. I have the 64bit versions installed of Saber and Orb and  I am running macOS Mojave.

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    @Tedinator01 - As for textures to use with Orb. Put your textures in a folder where you keep you for instance make a folder and name it Assets - Planet Texture (or whatever). Put all your textures there. Then drag them into the comp you have the Orb layer in. Hide them. Then they will be available as a source image inside of Orb's Maps section

  • MACOS - installed trial of AE, installed VC Orb plugin in AE but plugin not picked up by HF. Any hints were to copy the plugins on Mac?

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    @Neptunos Does this path work for you?

    (/Applications/HitFilm Pro/Contents/Resources/Plugins)

    Staff Edit (Cedric): this path won't work, use the /Library/OFX path mentioned below.

  •  Anyone know about the Trapcode Particular plugin.  The blog release for version 14 says it will work, but during  install Particular doesn't locate hitfilm as a valid host. 

  • No that path does not work :/ hitfilm won’t open up if you add it there

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    @Neptunos @XLR8DESIGN - For the Mac try the custom path of /Library/OFX

    So when asked for the Custom path in the ORB Installer navigate to Users iMac/Macintosh SSD/Library/OFX

    The VC installer will make a directory inside OFX called VideoCopilot

    I just installed it here so this is verified.

    *Note: You can only see the full Library  by using the path I outlined above. If you use alt + Go in the Finder to show the Library the OFX directory will not show up in the list. So Follow the path. This Users iMac/Macintosh SSD is my main machine Name/SSD Name.

    @Colinplaird - Does Trapcode give the option for  a custom path? If so see above. 


  • @GrayMotion Do I place the folder into a specific location on my PC?  

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    @Tedinator01 Run the Orb installer you downloaded from VC with the instructions I outlined above (if you have a mac). The installer will do the rest

    As for the "Folder" of Texture. If you download the Textures also put them where ever you store the rest of your Assets. - Again for instance make a folder and name it Assets - Planet Texture (or whatever). Put all your textures there. Every time you find a planet texture on the Internet that you have downloaded put them in the folder as well. Everything you  have for planet textures in one place.

  • Trapcode does not appear to give a custom path option.  It seems to autodetect the host.  I've checked the Red Giant forums as well as they seem to feel that a custom path option is not necessary for their software.  So I installed as is, but it is no where to be found in hitfilm.  I had no problem with installing Saber and Orb.  The demo of Red Giant Universe does autodetect  Hitfilm 14, but Trapcode does not.  Though the Hitfilm 14 blog release says it is compatible.

  • @Colinplaird - I have an older version (2.1??) of Trapcode. On the PC it fails to open. On the Mac it opens fine.

    There must be a gremlin running around inside the PC version of Hitfilm Pro 14. 

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