Version 14 crashing at start

Installed 14 today and projects I worked with less than one hour before that ( with latest version of 13)

can't be opened. "We are sorry....etc." I have the latest NVIDIA studio drivers.

If I open 14 and create a new project I can import old composite shots though.


  • System Specs?

  • Win10, NVIDIA  GeForce GTX1070 ,  Intel Core i7 4930k @ 3,40 GHz, 64GB RAM .

  • I have only installed the update on my laptop so far. It's an HP Omen with an i7 and GTX1060 with 16 Gigs of ram. No issues so far. Did you uninstall version 13 first? I've heard that can cause issues.

  • @Lars_H ; Your specs do not appear to be the issue.  Make sure you update your GPU drivers.  That tripped up another user and updating drivers fixed the problem.

  • I have the latest GPU drivers.

     I did not uninstall 13 before installing 14.

    Maybe that is the reason?

  • @Lars_H that shouldn't make a difference but it's always worth a try.  Could you perhaps send us a support ticket; we like to look into crashes quickly.

  • I have now sent a support ticket and a new crash report.

  • Thank you, we have received the support ticket.

  • I uninstalled 14 and made a new installation but the problem remains.

  • Thank you for the project file you sent over. The developers have resolved the issue and there will be a fix out shortly for it.

  • So there was a bugs already found? I have downloaded it but nbot installed it, is it worth to wait until the fix has been applied then download the updated fixed 14 version.?

  • I will use 13 until 14 is fixed!

  • A patch/update was posted today.  Not quite sure what it covered but it was mentioned above that a fix  would be coming shortly and then I saw 14.0.1 went up so I suspect that is it.

  • Looking in the update section 14.1 is the newest version without the fix. Its best to wait a few days before updating anything just incase something crops up when your in a middle of a project.


    Damm bugs we hate you all!! lol

  • @GarethOwen ; I looked for a list of changes but couldn't find anything but I updated anyway and no issues so far.  Of course I was having no trouble with the 1st 14 either.  My system has been extremely lucky in that respect.  I almost never have the issues others report. 🤞

  • @tddavisThat's good, sometimes when errors can pop up that's when crash reports are useful so the team can prevent other issues from happening to other user's. I am still using 13 its kinda crashes every now and then but every program dose once in a while

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    Any news on the fix?

    Does it  have something to do with the Mocha plugin?

  • @Lars_h 14.0.1 released a week ago with a fix, I believe this was the fix for your issue.

  • Yes!!!

    It works, no problems so far.


  • @Lars_H glad it's all working. I'll close this thread now. If you encounter another issue feel free to open another thread.

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