When will Express get version 14

When will Hitiflm Express get version 14.0 and will it also support After Effect Plugins


  • @danilkp1234 Express does not support third party plugins. The next version of express is expected to release in the near future, the exact date has not been announced.

  • @TheBenNorris

    In the past, with the new license model, Express and Pro released the same version on the same day... starting with version 13, Express started releasing later than Pro. 

    To help you guys out with questions, is Express expected to release a bit later than Pro for all future major versions, or will it only be for updates with substantial differences between the 2 versions (such as how Foundry camera tracker and After Effects plug-ins are implemented)? If it does release later, is there a general release window we can expect (such as “usually within 2 months of the Pro release”)? 

    Once again, we know you guys get slammed with these questions, so it would be nice to be able to help out from day 1.

  • @triforcefx I've not been here long enough to comment on previous versions, but I believe we will now be releasing Pro and Express at slightly different dates. I cannot provide any exact ranges of time.

  • @triforcefx @TheBenNorris ;

    The delay between Pro and Express has changed several timea over the years. Hitfilm Express 3, 4, and 2017 all released about six months after Pro. With Hitfilm v.6 (November, 2017) release dates for Pro and Express were brought into parity.

    This changed with HF13 again.

    Assumption from my end is that Express is more different from Pro than most think. The feature set is a teeny bit different and, there's whatever extra bits are required for dealing with add-on tracking.

    My GUESS, triforce, (Ben might or might not be able to confirm) is that Pro will now release first (so new enhancements go out), then final work on Express will happen, and that Express 14.1 will release with Pro 14.1. All other "point" updates for 14 will be in parity with Pro 15, again, releasing before Express 15.

    But FXHOME won't be able to give a date on that as a point update is less likely to get a "hard" release date from Josh. Whereas every other Thursday "closest to Nov 20" has had a major Hitfilm release since 2014 - so there was likely a big internal push to get Pro out for Nov 21.

    Continuing to speculate I'm certain the devs are trying to make certain 14.1/Express are out before XMAS. 

  • @Triem23

    That's basically what I was thinking, it will just be nice to tell people with more certainty that slightly incongruent releases appear to be the new norm... The updates will come soon enough. People just need to wait and be grateful they're getting such a powerful tool for free.

  • KirstieTKirstieT Staff
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    @triforcefx @Triem23 @danilkp1234 Hope you're all good - thanks for the question! The short answer is that we do always strive to get Pro and Express out at the same time (because it's nicer for the users, and simpler for us to announce) however there are instances in which Express will throw up a unique issue, and therefore requires a little bit more dev time before it can be released. 

    In this specific instance, we were approaching a major renewal date for our Pro users (the Thanksgiving period), and we wanted to ensure that they received another huge update before their 12 months expired (because we're nice like that ), so we put a fast track on Pro. Express users can receive updates at any time without losing out on any money, as it's free, and so we had a bit more flexibility there. 

    We can't say for sure whether future releases will be released together or apart due to the reasons listed above, but our GOAL is to release together. If that isn't achieved, we promise we won't leave Express users without for long (certainly not months). Expect the next Express release very soon!

  • @KirstieT, understood, thank you. Two things I love about FXHOME are your transparency, and how reasons, once expressed, are always made to benefit the users first.

    I'm better than I anticipated this weekend, thanks for asking. Hope all is copacetic with you! 

  • @KirstyT

    Good to know that 13 and 14 appear to be the exception, rather than the norm! I can definitely see why, with all the major new changes and features this year! 2019 has been an incredible year for HitFilm and FXHome and I can't wait to see what comes in 2020!

  • KirstieTKirstieT Staff
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    @triforcefx Keep your eyes peeled - Express will be getting its update very soon! We will release a date imminently. 

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