Export error: Frame rate or dimensions too high for selected level

Whenever I try to export this documentary I’ve been working on, it gives me a frame rate and dimensions are too high error message. I’m trying to export it at regular YouTube 1080p. I went to check the frame rate in the project settings, and for some reason it’s set at 1,000 fps. Every time I try to change the fps to 25 or something, HitFlm crashes. I have no idea what to do, and I really need to export this project. Please help!


  • @ilostmyduck sounds like you've edited the actual project file outside of HitFilm, which is not supported.

  • I haven’t touched the project outside of HitFilm—at least, not knowingly. Is there any way to fix it or export it?

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    Is there any way it got corrupted when updating versions. Like, if I started in HitFilm Express 2017, and then updated to HitFilm Express 13 in the middle of the project? If that’s the case, if I switch back to 2017, could I export it there?

  • @ilostmyduck ; If you have saved the project after switching to the newer Hitfilm version, it won't be possible to open it in any older version now.  You will still be able to open a project that was created before you upgraded as long as it hasn't been worked on in a newer version as long as you gave it a new name in the new version.

  • @ilostmyduck did you not notice until now the project was set to 1000fps? Did you set this in your project, or perhaps you allowed the project to change settings to match a piece of imported media?

  • @ilostmyduck ; I have a "Hail Mary" option that may or may not work...  If you upload your project file (without the media just the Hitfilm file) to a cloud drive and post a link to it, I would be willing to try and open it and see if I can find whatever is set to 1000fps and change it down to what you need it to be and resave it.  I have 13.1 Pro installed and Express 2017.  Alternately, the hfp file should be small enough to email so I could give you my email if you want to go this route.

  • No, I just noticed it was at 1000fps when I tried to export it. I never allowed it to change; it did set to 1000fps on its own. Originally, it was set to 25fps, and I guess it got switched on its own when I switched HitFilm versions.

  • @ilostmyduck - Much like @tddavis has said, could you upload the Project somewhere so we could take a look? You could contact us here, if you would rather do this in private, whatever you are comfortable with.

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    @tddavis I’d be willing to try that. I think the email option would be easier for me to do, if you don’t mind.  Thank you!

    EDIT:  @ady I could upload it here so you could also take a look at it. 

  • @ilostmyduck - Like I said you can take whichever option you feel most comfortable with. I should point out, I will not be editing the project file itself, as previously stated we do not recommend anyone try this as it can lead to a corrupted project & therefore lost work. I will only be checking the framerate to see if I can put it back to the correct value, but happy to take a look. :)

  • @ilostmyduck ; Like @Ady, I would not be editing the project itself just trying to switch frame rate.  You can contact me at terrydavis77@hotmail.com.  it's been posted here before so I'm not worried about it being out there.  If you want to go with FXHome Support instead I understand or you can do both but results might better thru them.

  •  https://www.dropbox.com/transfer/AAAAAIPsaSNDduKBmZ2VwYArMXvm_YapX_HU9NApRrgHI4zHjbZP-DE

    Here's the link to the file. I'm not sure if it will work, so let me know if it doesn't. Thank you so much.

  • @ilostmyduck ; I got your email and downloaded that file and I downloaded this one just in case.  I am able to open it and start changing the 1000fps comps.  I saw one was at 25 so that's what I have been setting them for.  There are so many I want to be sure that you do indeed use PAL format and want them at that rate.  Also, want to make sure you are using 13.1 Pro or Express so you will be able to open the file I save.

  • @tddavis  I’m using Express. And yes, I would like to set all of it to 25 fps. Thank you.

  • @tddavis @olostmyduck Problem. 

    Hitfilm conforms media when it's added to the timeline. This means when you drop a 25 fps video into a 1000 fps comp, the 25 fps video gets "re-built" as a series of frames in a datablock. Effectively each frame is repeated 40 times.

    I don't think* Hitfilm reconforms media if changing a project's framerate after creation. I believe you just madr the video 50 times longer. 

    *I haven't checked this in HF 13, but, last time I checked (HF 2017) this was the behavior. Then again, I thought a Hitfilm Project/Comp maxed out at 120fps.

    If I'm correct, you'll need to basically reset the 1000fps comp shot timelines by embedding into new 25fps comps - this will re-conform the media (and you'll export the embedded 25fps comps). Otherwise, I think you'd have to re-edit.

    Terry, since you have the project, you can do an export test. I'd rather be wrong and have had Hitfilm improve/do reconforming when a timeline's fps is changed. That would be a major improvement. 

  • Hitfilm conforms video framerate at the time of playback.

    Audio sample rate is conformed at the time of import. A project has one audio sample rate. Every timeline can have a different video frame rate.

    Hitfilm clamps the timeline frame rate to 100 max via the UI. You can enter 1000, or whatever, but it will be clamped down to max. Slightly curious choice 100. 

    The 1000 in the file probably got in via some bug. Hitfilm remembers the previous comp timeline creation choice/setting and defaults that at next creation. That is probably how all the comps got 1000. The Editor sequence object also has 1000.

    Most, all?, the media seemed to be 30 fps.

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    @Triem23 ; I just emailed the file back to @ilostmyduck with all the comps from changed from 1000 to 25 as they indicated.  I don't have any of the media to export test with but I'll try exporting without and see what happens.  I did miss the Editor fps though so I have to switch that first and re send it.

    Edit:  I hit a snag.  When I went to change the Editor fps from 1000 Hitfilm crashes?  Don't know what's up with that yet.

  • @NormanPCN Hitfilm has improved it's conforming algorithm since HF 2017.

    Doing a test with a 29.97 clip in HFE 13.1, when I drop the video onto a 29.97 timeline, then change the project settings to 59.94, the video does re-conform correctly and the output remains 100% of the clip length.

    However, when I did the same thing in HFE 2017, the same series of actions resulted in my 59.94 export being half the length.

    So, following up my my prior post, I was wrong, because Hitfilm has improved since the last time i ran this sort of test. This is a good thing. @TheBenNorris this slightly alters some notes I tossed you regarding the Speed effect last week, although the Speed effect, itself, still seems to use the frame range defined in the initial datablock created by adding footage to the timeline.

    That was a "fun" hour of testing.

  • @Triem23 So does that mean my project is fixable? I won’t have to remake the whole thing?

  • @ilostmyduck I sure as heck hope so! Definitely try it. 

  • @ilostmyduck ; I tried several more times before bed last night and again this morning but when I try to changed tge Editor timeline setting from 1000 Hitfilm crashes.  I even made a copy and tried opening it in Notepad to do the not recommended editing but it wouldn't open after saving.  Never done that before so I may not have done that right anyway.  I'm sorry I couldn't be of more help and after seeing the massive amount of comps and assets I totally understand why you don't want to have to redo it all.  Sheesh! Lot of work there.

  • @tddavis Yeah, it’s a documentary for a school project that pretty much determines whether I pass or fail, and I would absolutely hate to redo it. Thank you for trying, though! Hopefully tech support has better luck fixing it.

  • @ilostmyduck Yes, it looks like your project can be recovered. I've been looking at it for most of the day today and the crash looks like it is a rare bug in HitFilm to do with transitions and timeline remapping when changing the project framerate. We will try to get the fixed project to you ASAP.

    @Triem23 Timeline conforming when changing project frame rate has been added in HF 6.2.

    @NormanPCN The 100 fps limit dates back to HF 1.0 I believe and will need updating. Back in 2011 it was not really an issue but now I can see people genuinely try to create a 120 fps project for example. Since it is not just the case of changing the maximum value, we haven't done it yet.

    HitFilm has several issues with trying to work with high frame rate videos and we would like to address them at the same time. Making a video with a bit in slow motion comes to mind and it is way harder than it should be at the moment. Speed effect, Rate stretch tool and speed/duration dialog would all need updating. We of course need to make sure that we are not breaking existing projects when doing so. You can start to see why it hasn't been done yet and other things have taken priority. Be patient and we will get to it eventually :)

  •  @CedricBonnier thank you! 

  • We were able to recover the project, and sent the corrected version back over to you, @ilostmyduck . Our apologies for the inconvenience, and please do let us know if you have any further issues with it.

    We were also able to identify the underlying bugs which caused the framerate mix-up, so we can eliminate those in a future update of the software as well.

  • "We were also able to identify the underlying bugs which caused the framerate mix-up, so we can eliminate those in a future update of the software as well."

    Whoa, damn fine job sniffing that one out.


  • @ilostmyduck I hope the rest of your school project goes well for you. Something that would be really useful to confirm is whether any of the videos in your project are reporting back a frame rate of 1000fps. You can check this in the Media panel or by opening the Media properties dialog.

  • @Emma It looks like all of them are at 25fps. And good news, it's exporting as I type this! Thank you all so much, you've been a big help.

  • @ilostmyduck gkad everyone elae got you up an exporting! 

    @Emma @AxelWilkinson as @NormanPCN said 

    "We were also able to identify the underlying bugs which caused the framerate mix-up, so we can eliminate those in a future update of the software as well."

    Whoa, damn fine job sniffing that one out.

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