Live with Sensei: Aspiring Young Filmmakers

@Triforcefx, @Bookboy03, @LiamMcM1, @Mistery1307, and @FerraFilms, I have not forgotten about you guys! I really want to work it out to get you young filmmakers on "Live with Sensei."

Season One of "Live with Sensei" has ended. Season Two will begin in December. I am planning on hosting the show at Noon PST, 3:00pm EST, 8:00pm GMT on Saturdays. I am flexible and able to change the day and time to suit my guests. Maybe sometime in December?


  • @FilmSensei ; Loving the time change.

  • @tddavis Thanks! Me too. 9:00pm on Tuesdays was a pretty late start for me.

  • I would love to do this @FilmSensei thanks for wanting me on.  looking forward to it :)

  • This would be a fantastic stream. 
    I'm envious of the talent and wish I'd had the chance to do what they're doing. Very interested in listening to them and have a ton of questions.

  • @Triforcefx@Bookboy03@LiamMcM1@Mistery1307, and @FerraFilms

    I have decided to schedule the Young Aspiring Filmmakers at 3:00pm Eastern time on Saturday, December 7, 2019. Do you any of you think you could make that?

  • I should have no problem attending that!

  • @Mistery1307 Awesome. I will add you to the list. My email is If your parents need to get in touch with me to talk about it, I would be delighted to speak with them. We can also get in touch via Twitter as well. Please just let me know.

  • Hello! I am back from vacation and ready to dive back in! I am excited that the first episode of "Live with Sensei" Season 2 will be a round table discussion with a group of Aspiring Young Filmmakers. I already have Syed Uwaïs Syed Hossain, Film Empire, and Mistery1307 on board. This show will happen live at Noon PST, 3:00pm EST, 8:00pm GMT on Saturday, December 7, 2019. It will only go for 30 minutes!

    I have room for two more! Would anyone else like to join us?

    I will be preparing the live stream shortly, so please let me know!

  • @FilmSensei. Only 30 minutes?  Where's the fun in that...all business, no side bars :)

  • @FilmSensei

    I believe I can make that work!

  • @triforcefx Awesome. I will add you to the list!

  • @FilmSensei is there any setup I need to do on my end?

  • @triforcefx I am going to send you a link to get into the green room of the live stream. All you have to do is click it and set yourself up. I will be happy to get it to you early of you like so you can see how easy it is. For the actual live stream, you will want to be in the room about 20 minutes before we go live so I can walk you and the other guests through the show. It is super easy peasy! 

  • @triforcefx only thing I add is, when you join the stream you'll have the option to share your SCREEN or an APPLICATION WINDOW. Pick Screen. If you pick an app window, like Hitfilm, it will only show the main window, not a "draw over" like a "New Composite" dialog or a file browser. Screws things up if you want Jay to share your screen became you want to demo something! 

    TLDR - don't do the dumb thing I did! 

  • Live with Sensei: S2 E1 this Saturday, December 7, at Noon Pacific, 3:00pm Eastern, 8:00pm GMT. Set your reminders now!

  • Don't Forget! Today at noon Pacific, 3:00pm Eastern, 8:00pm GMT I will be hosting a live stream with a group of young, aspiring filmmakers! Set your reminders now!

    @triforcefx Are you going to be able to make it today?

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