[ANSWERED] Keep length of video constant

I am creating a video that has to be 20 seconds long and no longer.

I have set my project's duration to 20 seconds but every time I move a video clip towards the end of the timeline it automatically extends my video, even if the clip does not overrun the end of the video. This would normally be helpful but in this case it's inconvenient. Can I turn this off somehow?


  • Not on an Editor Timeline 

  • @iwantvideos

    Just monitor that 20 second mark like a hawk! As long as your clips don’t hang over, you’ll be fine. The exported video will only run until the last frame of the last clip, or according to your in and out points.

  • Yes thank you I ended up using the in and out points (pressing P when my video was the right length) and everything worked fine

  • Indeed, you can use the In and Out points at any time to limit the exact portion of your timeline that is included in an export.

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