AAC Codec Audios Not Loading / QuickTime Issues

So recently, I've purchased a brand new PC to speed up editing, as my old system was quite slow. Yesterday, I installed a new copy of Hitfilm Express and loaded up a project file from an SSD. After relinking all media, everything seemed okay, but I ran into one major issue. Every single mp4 file did not have audio. When checking the media panel, each mp4 file had this error message: "There was an error conforming audio. Media audio samples will not be available." 

After further investigation, I've noticed that this error occurs with all mp4 files that have AAC audio codec. Even on brand new mp4 files that I downloaded, same error occurred. I installed both QuickTime and iTunes in hopes that this would help, but an error popped up when opening Hitfilm saying: "Error Code 42, as a result you will not be able to import QuickTime movie files. Please re-install the application to fix this problem."

Reinstalled QuickTime, Hitfilm, and iTunes, and none of this changed. Tried installing older versions of QuickTime, still didn't help.

It's worth noting I have a preinstalled unactivated version of Windows 10 installed as this is a brand new PC. I'll be activating it and installing a fresh download on the SSD in a few days, it's just very time consuming. I don't think this has anything to do with the issue, though.

This project file is extremely important to me, as it has over 300 media files and over 20 hours of work has gone into it. I've spent so much time looking for solutions, and it seems like I'm really running out of options. Any help is highly appreciated.


AMD Ryzen 7 3700X CPU


16GB Ram


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