Can't use full stop/comma character in composite textbox

Hi folks.

I've been enjoying HFEx2017. Yesterday I upgraded to HFX13 and have run into a problem.

I am trying to create a composite layer which shows the URL of my website. In the textbox, when I click the full stop key/comma on my keyboard, this does not create a full stop or comma in the textbox (nothing is displayed), but it does advance the video in the 'viewer' window along the timeline by a tiny incremement. 

I have no problems typing alphanumberic characters or other symbols like colon, apostrophe etc. Just the full stop and comma symbols. Hitting the comma key moves the video backwards along the timeline. Has hitfilm mapped these to keys to be like this? I noticed comma key also shares symbol with ''<" and full stop shares with ">" (meaning are these keys mapped to move the video forwards and backwards along the timeline?)

EDIT: I also tried to use the full stop key in the numpad, but this also advances the video along the timeline. 

How can I get the full stop character to appear in the textbox? I did not have this issue with HFEx2017. 

Thanks in advance.


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