Hitfilm Express taking my CPU to 100%

I just built a new PC and everything is working well, except for this problem I having with Hitfilm Express. When I open a project in Hitfilm, my CPU usage goes to 100% even when I am not currently making any edits. Even if I close hitfilm, my CPU usage stays at 100% and I have to force-close a HitFilm task in my Task Manager. Interestingly, I was able to start exporting a project and that seemed to work just fine (CPU was around ~40-50% usage), so the problem seems to occur only when I open up a project in the editor.

If it matters, my pc is a 3700x Ryzen CPU, an RX 590 GPU, and 16GB RAM.

I have tried re-starting my computer several times and uninstalling/re-installing HE.


  • I should also mention - if I open up hitfilm express directly (i.e. just double-click on the HE icon w/o opening a project) then my CPU usage is normal (~3%). But if open up a project file, the issue occurs.

  • @sdsorenson

    The biggest thing is making sure that your system is completely up to date. Windows Update can handle most of that, but for the GPU, you'll want to make sure to get the latest driver through the AMD graphics card software at http://support.amd.com/us/Pages/AMDSupportHub.aspx Make sure you're running the latest version of HitFilm as well (13.1 as of this writing).

    If there are still issues after that, it is best to raise a support ticket. They'll want to know your specs.

  •  Update - the issue has now also started to occur on a new project that I only started on my new PC. It was working fine for a while (hours), but then all of a sudden it started spiking my CPU to 100%.

    I have confirmed that all my drivers are up-to-date and have re-installed HE. Any ideas?

  • @sdsorenson it sounds like you did something that triggered this to start happening: what were you working on at the time?

  • Hi Ben,

    I can't remember exactly what i was doing but usually I'm just moving clips around and cutting them up. Not applying fancy effects or anything. Plus, now the problem occurs immediately when I open the project file.


  • @sdsorenson can you send this project to support please? So we can then check if we replicate the issue on our end, and try to track down the cause.

  • Thanks Ben,

    I already opened a ticket (YVY-148269) and just attached the specific project file as well. I also previously uploaded a video of me opening the project file to show you what it does to my CPU usage.

    Thanks mate.

  • I **think** I have resolved the issue. I thought all my drivers were up to date but in desperation I decided to manually update them again and it appears that updating my motherboard chipset driver (x570 board) was the culprit. Thanks to everyone who helped me troubleshoot!

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