[SOLVED] Color artifact on 3D Plane text

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I have very weird texture on a Text converted in 3D Plane. I just created a Text, extruded it (but without extrusion I also have this issue) and I noticed some color differences on the text.

When I had an ambiant light, this is even worse. Even with a proper lighting, the result is wrong.

Is it a bug of do I miss something. I don't recall having this problem before (using latest HF Pro version on Win10 latest updates but maybe not the latest NVidia drivers).

See related screenshots:

Thanks in advance for your hints.


EDIT : as suggested by the team, this occurs when I set the environmental map in the illumination controls of the 3D text.


  • Edit : 

    - With latest NVidia drivers: no change

    - If I REMOVE my video footage from the composite shot (not just hide, but remove), everything goes back to normal.

    What the... My video footage had just a curve effect and... camera tracker effect. If I add again my footage with the curve effect, everything is fine.

    As a conclusion : I suspect the camera tracker to be part of my issue. I don't want to point out a bug but... I have doubts.


  • Once you have solved the camera, and created the scene, if you delete the camera tracker effect, does the problem go away? Or does it persist as long as the camera and null created by the Camera Tracker are present?

  • Hi Axel, once the tracker is deleted, the problem is solved, even with the camera and the null still present. So to be short i have the problem only when the camera tracker is still present on my footage. If you want i can send you a project with my media for further investigation .

  • Here is a sample project with the possible bug (check Composite shot "Intro2") : https://1drv.ms/u/s!AkN-MiCixbTCmI9ZZKX6QW7ghZQjtQ?e=sBxdnv

  • @SpaceEye is this not because you have an environment map set on the text which is most likely the footage you deleted. I have a feeling this is causing it?

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    Ahhhhhh that's a good lead to follow! I'll check that thanks!

    TheBenNorris, unfortunately not, Light wrap on the text is deactivated, and environmental map on the extruded effect is not set

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