Black friday sale

Hi saw the video for black Friday say is 40 percent off HF Pro, I was wondering if this was for new buyer's or for also renewing a pro subscription?


  • OliThompsonOliThompson Staff
    edited November 2019

    Hey @GarethOwen, to clarify, the upcoming Black Friday sale will give everyone the opportunity to get up to 40% off, whether you're a new user or a renewing user! Keep an eye out for our newsletters when the sale goes live to see the offers :)

  • Hi @OliThompson, I'm curious if HitFilm will be doing another bundle package or a chance to renew an existing bundle package. I'm nearing the end-cycle of mine and I would like a similar deal if not better. I must say... if the bundle package was cheaper than the year before... I'll be a lifetime member (^_^) 

    P.S. Hitfilm had me at bundle heavy hitters.

  • @OliThompson No worries thank you for the heads up there :)

  • @AM_OVIDE We don't want to give too much away just yet but we've got some good options in the sale, hopefully catering for everyone's wants and needs! 

    @GarethOwen No problem :)

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