Pre-keyed film.....can anyone get it to work????

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Hi there.

Ok then, simple question.

I won a copy of hitfilm (and I will DL the free one soon too :) ) and I also got with it a full package of some great fire effects.  However when I use them all I get is a totally blank area.

(The file can be played using VLC media player if you want to look at it)

What Im asking is.... why is Hitfilm not showing it??

Am I missing something... or doing something wrong?

Thanks for your help. :-)

Here is the link I put the film on :


  • (If anyone knows of a better place to save files.... please let me know... cos that one needs you to use a pop-up blocker).

  • @Arriax you can use dropbox or google drive. both free, and both trusted names.

    The obvious questions are what is your machine specs, and what are the details of the files?

  • Hi Ben.

    I have used Google is the link:

    My machine specs are fine... its not me.  I think its something to do with the actual video and it decoding right.

    In HF it shows transparent...with nothing fire at all.

    I have installed QT (as its a MOV file).... and it cant play it...

    I have basic windows player and it cant play it.

    The only thing that can is VLC

    HF should be able to show it.... but if you can download it and try it yourself you may be able to point me in the right direction as to why its only showing transparent in HF and nothing else.



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     @Arriax ; I downloaded your clip and played with it in Express 13 2017 and while it doesn't have a transparent background like I would expect with an MOV file, I was able set the blend mode to screen then apply a Luminance Key set to key out darker and tweaked the Threshold a tad and it looks normal to me. Oh, I also scaled it down a bit to fill the frame instead of overflow.  Here is a quick little video: effect for arriax.mp4?dl=0

    And the Express file if it helps: 4 arriax.hfp?dl=0

    You will have to relink the media from your computer on opening though.  Hope these help you out.

    Edit: I was mistaken about what version of Express I used :)


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