Paranormal lockdown- kinetic typography

Hey is a kinetic typography that I made for fun.   All elements are original except for the music of course lol.  I really appreciated having locked time would appreciate if the camera controls are better.


  • I actually really like this. You say that everything is original and made by you apart from the music of course haha, may I ask how did you do the smoke and clouds since they are actually quite nice

  • @leuanam for the smoke I used the magical fire effect in pro and for the clouds I just used the storm cloud was just basically tweaking/layering/scaling  up the things that were needed for what I wanted.  Btw this was all done in pr . So I could import my own 3d models

  •  @Andersen01498 ; I agree the smoke and clouds are really good and so is the flaming Hell text.  

  • I didn't even know about these, thanks for sharing and I agree with @tddavis , the smoke, clouds and flaming text are really good!

  •  The flaming hell effect was a set matte Effect

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