Would upgrading my CPU have a significant effect on my overall render/timeline performance?

I'm a filmmaker, and on my most recent project I was using some beefy footage shot on a GH5 at 4K 24p 8-bit 150mbps. My computer is decent enough, but it really struggled with some of the heavier editing sequences on the project, so I'm looking to upgrade a few parts to ensure that I can handle anything that gets thrown at me in future projects. I wanna ensure that the components I'm considering will actually improve my timeline/render performance though.

My current build is as follows:

i5-4570 (4 cores/4 threads @ 3.2 GHz)

16gb DDR3 @ 2133 MHz

GTX 1060 (6gb VRAM)

I'm considering upgrading to a Ryzen 3700X chip, (8 cores/16 threads @ 3.6 GHz) 16gb or possibly 32gb of DDR4 memory at a faster clock speed, and keeping the same GPU that I have currently.

This leaves me with a few questions for you fine people. Would upgrading my CPU in this manner have a significant effect on performance within Hitfilm Express? Is upgrading to 32gb of RAM pointless, or would it also improve performance? Would upgrading my GPU more effectively improve my experience?

Thank you for your time.


  • @ExplosiveTamale

    A good way to determine your bottleneck is by monitoring Task Manager while you edit and export. For me, I know my bottleneck is my CPU because it ramps up to 100% every time I export. Someone using mechanical drives might will notice that they are reaching the limits of their HDD.

    To an extent, you can also go by oldest part. In your machine, the CPU was released all the way back in 2013, while your GPU is from 2016. In 2013, 4K was still pretty new. Newer chips optimize for 4K tasks. 


    Based on what we know so far about your system, this is what would probably help the most:

    1. You didn't mention it, but if you are still on mechanical HDDs, upgrade to SSDs before you do anything else!!!

    2. CPU. Your current one was released 6 years ago. It's ancient by computer standards, and the Ryzen you mentioned replacing it with has more than double the horsepower.

    3. GPU. Your GTX 1060 is pretty good, but there's room for improvement if the first few suggestions aren't enough for you.

    4. RAM.  The more the merrier, but it's not quite as important as the other things. If you need to get new RAM after replacing the mobo, then go as high as your budget will allow


  • My $0.02

    Intel i9, SSD, more Ram, up the GPU if possible

  • Thank you so much for commenting! I am actually still editing off of a mechanical hard drive, I'll get to picking up a large capacity SSD as soon as I can. I appreciate your insight on the fact that my CPU was released prior to 4K becoming a consumer format, I'll be sure to keep that in mind going forward. Thank you for your time!

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