Font display issue in OSX Catalina

Recently upgraded to Catalina and now some of the menu fonts in the HitFilm2 Express application are just rendered as empty boxes. The main one I see affected so far are the project media options including importing file/sequence, and every single menu option when I right click on a media clip. It means I can't do anything because I can't half of the dialogs in the application.

My best guess is that HitFilm uses a very specific font for some of those menus, and Apple have decided not to bundle Catalina with that font.  Any thoughts?


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    If I may...

    "HitFilm 2 Express is an older version of HitFilm, which is no longer in active development and may not be supported by the latest operating systems and computers."

    You may need to you upgrade to a more current version of Express or unfortunately roll back your OS X if you want to stay at version 2

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    To my knowledge, every new version of Express has had the same included features as the one before it, while adding some new ones. The current Express (13) is FREE with all the same features you had in 2, plus many more. Being on a Mac, the system requirements remained unchanged until version 11. 

    I recommend upgrading to HitFilm Express 13 if you can, but if that doesn't work, then Express 11 should work fine.


    If you do wish to continue using HitFilm 2 on Catalina, finding the correct font might help. Look for a font pack from Mojave or High Sierra and install whatever's missing. No guarantees here though, and I still highly recommend upgrading to a more recent version - there's nothing to loose

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    For the record KarlB  - there are  24 San Fransisco Fonts in Catalina down from 71 in Mojave  and High Seirra so if Hitfilm 2 is using any of those fonts ( I wouldn't think so) then as was suggested you can download the missing fonts. FYI - I've used Hitfilm from Pro 3 to current day version 13 on my 2013 iMac and I've seen no menus changes/ UI issues with Hitfilm and any OSX's.

    Catalina Fonts

    Mojave Fonts

    Good luck

  • Thanks everyone! I've (naively) been using Hitfilm 2 Express for a few years now, not realizing that the other Express versions are offered for free. I've downloaded v13 and it works great! 

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