Composite shot problem


I'm a beginner using the latest version of hitfilm express on windows10.

I am trying to do a youtube video and I encountered a problem, after doing a new composite shot to use the witness protection effect and blur some faces, part of the composite shot (the second half) becomes all black and I can't do anything to change it.

Please help me :D 



  • But sure but I believe this is a dodgy link. Possible spam alert.

  • @blehello ; It looks to me like you have trimmed the media in the composite but left the composite length of the entire clip.  Messed me up a few times as well.  You can either use the razor blade tool on the hatch marked sections and delete them here in the editor or go back into the composite shot and move everything in it forward to the 0 start point and click on the cog and set the length for the actual amount of the trimmed clip . Hope I explained myself well enough, and personally I used to use the slice option in the editor.

  • I fixed it thanks to your explanations

    Thanks a lot :-) 

  • @blehello ; Glad I was able to explain well enough to help.  Sometimes I don't... :)

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