Live with Sensei: Mike Miller (Triem23) - Sunday, Nov 10, 2019 at 3pm EST / Noon Pacific / 8pm GMT

Join me live as I host Mike Miller with Triem Visual. We will discuss Mike's Top Essential Things You Need to Know to Be Good at VFX! Sunday at 3:00pm Eastern / Noon Pacific. Set your reminder now!



  • Lucky the Broncos have a bye week :)

  • ... and a time I can make 

  • @Stargazer54 Yup... Broncos are off. At least they won't lose this week! 

    @DafterThings @Triem23 insisted on a time that worked for you (and the all the others across the pond)!

  • @FilmSensei @DafterThings I wouldn't say *insisted* as I did note we could do Jay's normal Tuesday time if he preferred. I did suggest a time that spanned about 6-7am for Australia to 9 pm in most of Europe. But, yes, trying to make it viable for as many time zones as possible. :)

    @Stargazer54 and everyone else, so by "Top Essentials" we're looking at fundamental tools/concepts for VFX. Not "Hitfilm's coolest tools," but those things that work in any software. So, one thing we'll discuss is masking, because every NLE/Compositor has masking, and it's a key skill. A user might not have mocha or Ae (rotobrush), but EVERYTHING has masking and masking always does the job.

    So, think of some other "fundamentals" for the comments/discussion. 

  • @Triem23 Rigging.   Basic rigs seem to throw people. 

    Parent the camera to a point.  Rotate the point. The camera orbits.

    Parent an object to a point.  Parent that to another point.

    Camera follow a point.  Great for "flybys".

    Camera rigs.  

    Most of all of these you've covered in HitFilm U.  Definitely plug that.

  • @Stargazer54 "Points and Parenting!" Essential! Perfect pull. Jay, trust Lynn to immediately get one on the part of the list I didn't send you. 

  • Blending the effects into the video?. 

  • Points and Parenting... got it! We will keep adding to the list. Thanks Lynn!

  • @DafterThings That doesn't quite fit the theme of the episode as that's more of a grading tutorial and could involve many different tools depending on the effects and footage. Think more of those single tools or concepts that get used all the time on every project. Like masking. Lynn is correct with points and parenting. Color Curves is another.

    To clarify, when I said come up with other ideas for the comments, I meant on Sunday - and then we'll talk about it during the stream. Just think ahead.

    Jay, I should go ahead and send you the full list later tonight and we'll hash out a rough "agenda." Right now getting ready to run out, rent a truck and move some furniture.

  • OK. I must have misunderstood...
    "Top Essential Things You Need to Know to Be Good at VFX!"
    I would have thought knowing how to blend the VFX into the footage would be essential but....

    Still excited for the stream though :-) 

  • @DafterThings You're right, it's an important thing, but, again, blending a VFX element into footage is going to depend on the element and the footage. It's different lighting (say) a mixamo model to match a plate than it is to blend in a fire asset. It'll make sense Sun. We've got a good list, I think. I mean I'm biased, it's my list, so I'm not going to think I completely screwed up here... *winky*

  • @DafterThings ,

    Masks are a part of every single thing that you do in vfx. :)

    A tip from my 3 year old self...

    a mask is a paint brush or pencil in the real world... but when you think about it, any object can be used to paint or draw on a separate object. A sponge, a piece of cloth, your entire body can be used to paint... expand that very simple concept to your computer and software and now you realize that anything can be a brush. Since anything can be a brush... duh, you can do anything because the brush is a mask and vice versa, you can even use a canvas to paint onto another canvas, just depends on your perspective. :)

    I've been using the same technique for drawing, painting and 2D animation since I was three years old so I know... masks are a very useful tool and it is very essential that you know how and when you need to create masks for the specific task that you are working on. And yes you heard me correctly, I've known how to 2D animate since I was a little kid so masks are super important. Pay attention when Mike gets into specifics of mask creation because it is very important and will help you for sure. :)

    Not just my opinion but the simplest way to composite realistic cgi with live footage... use higher bit depths and better quality textures at 16bits or higher. It is insanely easy for me to toss in one of my 3D objects into Hitfilm and have them look awesome at the default settings. If you use lower quality 8bit jpegs or something similar, that is your artistic choice but your result will not be as good nor will it have been as easier on you to even get close to realism. Masks and the quality of those masks have everything to do with bit depth sooo, higher is better. 

  • @spydurhank That is definitely a great way to look at masking. I never thought about it that way.

    @DafterThings Tony, I'm with you. Those Blend Modes are very hard to wrap your head around, but they are super important to get everything to gel right in your shot.

  • Don't Forget! Join me tomorrow at Noon PST, 3:00pm EST, 8:00pm GMT as I host Mike Miller (@Triem23) ;talking about Mike's Top Essential Things that you need to know as a VFX artist. Set your reminder now!
  • I don't remember their call signs and they were teenagers back in 2008 but a couple of the younger kids on one of the older Fxhome forums taught me the what, why, and how to create masks on a computer program. First learned it in Gimp then it was easy to translate that concept into everything else once I realized vfx is just art and all art is the same thing from my perspective. You need paint, a brush and a canvas... the rest is all you. :)

  • Don't Forget! In ninety minutes at 3pm EST, Noon PST, 3pm EST, 8pm GMT, I host Mike Miller with Triem Visual and HitFilm University talking about Mike's Top Essential Things that you need to know as a VFX artist. Set your reminder now!
  • YES, I'm awake. Finally we get to hear from someone that has actually worked in the industry. Looking forward to it Jay and Mike. :)


  • Missed it, but been watching the YouTube catch up and boy guys you had me in stitches @triem23 so chilled, starting with you eating breakfast, then jumping around a bit in what to show, loved it. 

  • @Andy001z and the stream ends, and my wife comes in and says, "Let the other guy get a word in edgewise!"

    And I respond, "Look, in my defense, I talk too damn much!"

    Watched the playback myself. I can tell I was tired and a bit unfocused. Only got five hours of sleep. I really need at least six to be firing on all cylinders. 

    Nah, we had fun, I think! 

  • edited November 2019

    @Triem23 It was great! Tell your wife that you were the guest... your suppose to talk though out the whole thing. My job is to just pitch the ball and get out of the way. That ending though! :o :)

  • Oh that Mike guy, he's just brilliant as usual, he's like that every time he flips his hair. :)

    I don't have the words for that ending. :)

  • Interestingly, there was an issue in the live stream with Mike's screen share where we could not see his Drop Down Menus. I have run a series of tests on my computer and StreamYard in an attempt to replicate that, and I have been unsuccessful. In other words, I can not get StreamYard to NOT show the Drop Down Menus on my computer... they always show regardless of what I do.

    It might be related to the fact that right before we went live, his copy of HitFilm Express crashed and he had to restart it. Even when he created a new project, his SteamYard screen share was showing the opening HitFilm splash screen. He had to unshare and reshare it to fix it. Maybe it wasn't fully sharing? I am not sure, but I can say that I've never had that issue before, so I don't know. At any rate, while it was a little bit annoying, I don't think it was a deal breaker for the live stream. It just would have been nice to see what he was selecting as he was doing it.

    Also, someone told me that there was an audio / visual sync problem during part of the stream. Can anyone else confirm that? I did not see it on my end, so I am wondering if that was on our side, on StreamYard, or on that person's receiving end.

    StreamYard is brand new and they are looking for any and all feedback from those of us who are using it to help make it better. I am writing up a report to them this morning regarding yesterday's experience, so any feedback from those of you who watched it either live or after the fact would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance. BTW, here is a link to StreamYard for anyone who is interested...

  • Court and I did catch some audio problems coming from your mic but, only for a few seconds after you began speaking after a long pause during Mikes talk.

  • My microphone probably went to sleep due to hours of inactivity! Lol! 

  • I did have issues with the external webcam and mic I was trying to use as well. I had to log into streamyard again with the internal camera (which I had to untape) and mic (which I should have turned down). The echoes were my fault - Jay had an earbud, I was on speakers.

    Hitfilm didn't crash, but it wasn't updating correctly after I re-logged in. 

    Um. Pleasant experience, really. Despite a glitch, it was easy to set up at my end, Jay seems to have easy and smooth control (and a good sense of when to switch up his angles. Don't forget he's live-switching!). There was audio drift at times, but, hey, that can happen in any system. It's still tagged as Beta, but it's impressive.

    Yeah, next time we'll do a single topic. Harder for me to wander off topic.

    @tddavis Terry, I used Express to further highlight the Essential nature of the concepts discussed, cuz its all Express without that fancy Pro stuff! That's muh story. I'm stickin' to it. 

  • edited November 2019

    @FilmSensei ; Hands down one of the most informative and entertaining live screens to which I have been party.


    @Triem23 ; I was thinking that you wanted to make it relevant to all HF users until suddenly in the middle of the stream that errant wild though crept into my brain. ;) 

  • @tddavis Thank you... and I agree. it was wonderfully entertaining and informative. To be honest, it was all Mike!

    @Triem23! Mike, you are a great guest and easy to work with... mostly because you are not at a loss for words. Most people naturally just stop talking at times, even when they shouldn't, and I have to fill in the spaces. Not with you! You clearly have a lot of experience talking to groups, in interviews, probably on live radio or tv, etc.... That's a great skill!

    I think everyone knew going in that this was going to be a longer than normal lives stream, and I personally was looking forward to that. I agree with you that next time we should work a single topic first, then go to a general Q&A where you can just free flow from there.

    As the host, my job is just to just stay out of the way! I have found that it's sort of like refereeing in a karate tournament. As the referee, I should simply allow the competitors to tell their own "story" while at the same time being as non intrusive into that story as I can be. My job is only to keep the spectators abreast of the "story" without inserting my own influence in any way, shape, or form into the match.

    StreamYard has an extremely easy learning curve, so it didn't take me long to get over that. 

  • Tech issues aside it was a great success.  Stuff happens when you're going LIVE.   There wasn't anything that happened that ruined the content and the glitches were minor.  As Mike said, Jay was switching this on the fly and that is impressive.  You guys did a great job!

    To take this one step further (and blow Jay's mind) it would be awesome to have a round table with 2 or 3 guests, but (understandably) that is a lot more work and may be beyond one person doing the driving.

  • @Stargazer54, @Triem23, @tddavis, @spydurhank, @GrayMotion, @Andy001z, @DafterThings

    Actually, I would love to have a round table with multiple guests. I can have up to six total people including myself in the live stream. Would any of you be interested in participating in a "Round Table Q&A" this weekend... say Saturday at Noon PST, 3pm EST, 8pm GMT, 7am NSW (Sunday morning in Australia)?

  • @FilmSensei ; I don't have either a webcam or a microphone for the computer and, truthfully not humility, I don't think I know enough to have anything to say other than an odd comment in the sidebar.  I knew you had a round table in the works with some of the younger crew, but didn't want to volunteer that to @Stargazer54 's comment in case it had fallen through.  The time, however, is super for me to watch said discussion.

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