Grading the final film

Ok, so I understand adding a grade layer to a comp to affect all layers below it.  What I am looking for is the best way to apply a color grade to the final video.  Would you need to make a "Master" comp and put all other comps and videos in that, then add the grade layer there?  I'm looking for best practices or what other people have done to make a consistent "look" across all the scenes for a short film.


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    Grade Layers in the editor for things like this is something that's been on the wishlist for a while.

    Here's a few ways to grade a large project in HitFilm. Note that all your footage should be color corrected before applying a grade.

    1. Tune the grade in one of your clips. Make sure it's perfect cuz it's really hard to change later. Copy and paste all your grading effects on to each clip in the timeline.

    2. Render out your final project (except the grade). Import your film to a new project. Cut it into scenes (unless you want to grade everything the same). Grade the scenes as clips

    This option allows for the most flexibility in editing, but the amount of effects you can use is limited, you can still get good results from it though: 

    3. Create a plane and make it the top layer in the editor. Stretch it out across the section you want to grade. Change colors, brightness, saturation, blending modes and opacity to dial in a good look.

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