Pro Project in Express is showing a water mark on export

Hi, I thought this was an issue with Activation but it appears to only be when I try and export my PRO project in Express. Why am I doing this, because I want to show how much you can do in Express off the shelf.  Is there some limit I am missing here?

I have checked my Activation both on FXHOME and in the software and all OK, and as I said if I do a new Project I can export without the logo watermark.

Help ..... please


  • @Andy001z you say you've checked you're activated but have you tried to deactivate then reactivate?

  • @TheBenNorris yes on both OS's. I even went as far as uninstalling and then installing fresh. It is odd because as I said a new comp will export just fine. I have emailed Javert some screen shots of relevant activation.

    I also used the Activation.bAT that AXEL mentioned in another thread. It all looks like it is activated.

    I just did a further test, it seems tied into Pro projects loading into Express. I loaded an older HF 2017 express project and that is fine, but not the Pro version.

    Odd, I realize not a big concern as why would most users want to run a project in Express when they have Pro.

  • While most Pro features can be added to Express there are a few Pro-only effects/features that might be accessible in Express through the engine that have no controls in Express - like Depth Map/Depth Layer or effects like Exposure Pro. Might you have used one of those? Additionally any effect that would be an unactivated Express add-on will generate a watermark. Again, check for those. 

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    ARRHHHH @Triem23 you might have hit the nail on the head. There are a number I thought it would just strip them out, but it sounds like they stay but the watermark is added??? @TheBenNorris

    These are the ones it says not found

    These plugins could not be found:
    • Cinema Style
    • Depth Mask
    • Outer Glow
    • Parade
    • Randomized Reveal
    • Twirl
    • Typewriter
    • Vectorscope
    • Wavy Style

  • @Andy001z so do you have those effects added to items in your project? Because they will generate watermarks since they are Pro only if the warning displays they're not found.

  • @TheBenNorris and @Triem23 Oh boy what a clanger. Yes I just confirmed it, I was trying to export with effects that are addons and therefore get the watermark if not added. Now I know I will cost up how much to make my short, I want to be able to say look I made this with Pro but you can do it in Express for $$$.

    I feel a right numpty

    Please close this thread, bury it in the desert and let us never speak of it again!!

  • @Andy001z would it not be easier to just make the project in express? if you're trying to highlight express?

    I'll close the thread, but it's also worth noting for yourself and any others reading to please not e-mail Javert with bugs. Javert is not a member of the development team, and simply just forwards anything received on to us. It's much more beneficial and convenient if you simply use a support ticket, or as a beta tester pass on the details to your relevant contact. This would be very helpful, thanks.

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