What Is the Final Verdict with HF Express 13.1 Integration with Vegas Pro 13?

Hello Group-

I'm new to this forum and this is my first post.

I'm scouring the Internet to see why I can't get the current version of HitFilm Express 13.1 to integrate with Vegas Pro 13. (PC)

I've seen some other forums say you just have to rename a file path in Vegas, and I've seen posts where you just have to install a separate file. So, I'm confused and would rather not chase old information.

Any help is really appreciated!


  • My understanding is that Vegas 13 is old enough that it's looking for a directory specific to HitFilm 3 (and maybe 4) Hitfilm version 6 or higher drops the number in the directory and simply calls it "HitFilm Express" or "HitFilm Pro". Essentially, you need a newer version of Vegas that is looking for the "HitFilm Express" directory rather than the "HitFilm 3 Express" directory.

    Or I could be totally wrong. I'll ask our resident Vegas expert @Triem23 for confirmation or clarification.


  • triforcefx I appreciate that. Looking forward to the final word!

  • Hi @razor7music HitFilm Express 13.1 supports integration with VEGAS Pro 16 and 17. You might find instructions online that suggest copying some files around to enable integration with older versions of VEGAS Pro, but this isn't officially supported.

  • Thanks @emma

    Do you have a link to the most current instructions for how to make it work with Vegas Pro 13? I just wasn't sure which one was current/accurate.

  •  @razor7music

    She won't give you a link because as a Staff member, she needs to act in an official capacity. As was mentioned, Vegas 13  and HitFilm 13 integration is not officially supported, so directing you to an unofficial source could be a liability if it were to damage your system in any way (for instance, if the site asked you to download a file that turned out to be malware).

    Even if someone were to give you a link, it would be one of the first few options you could find on a Google search (most likely something you looked at already). Frankly, it's unlikely that there's a solution that the users that frequent here are familiar with. The best advice I can give you is to try a few of the solutions offered in a Google search and see which one works. If there is a solution that does work, let us know so others who may be in your situation can benefit.

  • @razor7music as triforce correctly states I don't think a Staff member would have that link handy as it's a bit of an unofficial hack.

    A user named "Palacono" on this site first came up with the technique. It's somewhere in his comment history, which can be found here: https://fxhome.com/forum/profile/discussions/Palacono

    (There's a lesson here... Anything a user posts on this forum can - eventually - be tracked down from that user's own profile page)

    Now, Palacono has posted over 3000 comments, and I'm not going to search through the all to find the right ones. If you want to find his posts, you're on your own there.

    This page contains an earlier variant of the "Hack" using HFP3 and Vegas 14. Since it's a MAGIX version of Vegas I'd assume this is probably pretty close to correct, but there were some core changes between Vegas 13 and 14: https://www.focusonvegas.com/how-to-integrate-hitfilm-3-pro-with-magix-vegas-pro-14/

    There will not be any official patches to integrate Hitfilm 13 (or later) with Vegas 15 (or earlier). It's very rare for companies to patch software that's years past "End of Life," and, certainly, all SONY branded versions of Vegas are years past end of life.


  • Understood, and thanks.

    I got a recommendation from another forum to possibly use an older version of Express (if I can find one). Is there any merit to that suggestion?

    The other option was upgrading Vegas Pro to a current version, but that's not in the budget.



  • @razor7music ; You can find older versions of Express on the What;s New page at this link:


    I think, and am not wholly 100% on this, that your serial number should be good for all versions from your current one back to HF 6 older than that they were separate installations and had new codes with each version.  Hope this helps.

  • @razor7music @tddavis

    From my understanding, Vegas Pro 13 was only officially compatible with HitFilm 3, and hack-compatible with HitFilm 4, neither of which is available unless you downloaded them back in the day.

    It looks to me like any attempts to get this to work will, unfortunately, be in vain. I even looked at the possibility of using Ignite to at least get the effects... the most recent version of Ignite Express is apparently discontinued (which was a surprise to me) and even then, it only supported Vegas 14.


    One of the hardest parts about modern filmmaking is compatibility. We’ve learned that the hard way. The only advice I can give you for making this work is to save towards a new version of Vegas. From my understanding, when it works, it works great.

  • Vegas uses, or has used, a text config file for some Hitfilm integration.


    The contents are

    [FileIO Plug-Ins]
    HitFilmFileIO=C:\Program Files\FXHOME\HitFilm Pro\HitFilmFileIOPlugin.dll

    You change the folder to point to your current Hitfilm installation.

    My last Vegas was V14 on an older computer but it did work then. I don't have Vegas installed on my current machine to test it. I have kept the config file laying around just in case. "Work" in a limited sense.

    The only thing I got working (current Hitfilm, old Vegas) was dropping a Hitfilm project onto the Vegas timeline. The Vegas right click, make Hitfilm effect, feature did not function. The dropping of a Hitfilm project took the NLE timeline. So if you wanted a composite then you must put the composite on the NLE timeline.

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