One click roto is it possible like PS

I know this is kind of talking about another product but has anyone downloaded PS 2020, reason I ask is because some how they now have a one click remove background  button for images! Like masking is now just one click and boom removed ha, I wonder how they do it and also if HF could think if its possible to do this also? Just  for still images in HF as not everyone will have PS. My head is blown away lol 


  • Chances are this isn't something that will be added to Hitfilm. Since Hitfilm is dedicated to video, effects need to be created to work on frame sequences. Doing an AI compare/extract on every frame would be very.... Slow....

    This type of filtering is more likely to end up in Imerge. 

    Then again, there have been times I've said "Oh, FXHOME will never..." and they've done it anyway. I could be wrong. 

  • I see what you mean and fair point. I think when you have settings and features that HF and also emerge have, then that is a credit to FXHome in general for what they can do and produce often for us.

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    One thing I forgot. Photoshop has added this function, but there are already several websites that will do this for free. 

    Here's a Google search for them. I'm sure one of the sites you'll like! Admittedly it's a paste from mobile Opera, so might not open on your device, but a search for "Free Online Background Removal" will bring up the list.

  • I've been admiring the new PS tools for the last couple weeks, and they're very impressive. I did my Masters thesis on temporal-based image transformations using neural networks (which are used for an awful lot of operations that have no obvious algorithm, such as object detection) and as Triem says, it's a lot slower to operate on every single frame, but most operations like this also need to consider the previous frames to ensure a smooth output. As amazing as these features are, it's worth noting that in terms of developers we are very small compared to the expansive workforce at Adobe. As usual, it may be worth recommending this on the wishlist, because it is definitely worth looking at.

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    HitFilm probably can't afford the R&D required to build something like this from scratch, but it might be able to integrate a solution in collaboration with nVidia that already exists and works. There's a research paper on it on the nVidia web site, and Black Magic built an implementation for Resolve that works extremely well... and on a Turing GPU it's pretty fast.

  • Fair do's,   The idea its self could turn into inspiration for the team  in many ways ,and you never know what may or could happen from it. Or how the idea could change into a different idea in general or interesting cool new update for HF  or Imerge in the future.

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