Accidentaly deleted a very important project

Hi guys

My dad deleted a very important project that took me 3 days to make , is there any way to get it back?



  • johncenayanez  As far as I know, only if it's still in your recycle bin and you can restore it from there.  Sadly, if that's been emptied it is most likely gone forever.  Maybe others will have another idea though.

  • There are some tools that can recover data and files recently deleted, don't turn the computer off. 

  • @Andy001z and a lot of them are almost definitely malware.

    @johncenayanez Unfortunately there are no features in HitFIlm to recover deleted projects, but if the project was only soft-deleted (using the delete key/right click delete as opposed to shift+delete) then it may still be in the recycle bin as @tddavis mentioned.

  • @johncenayanez I know this does not solve your immediate problem but I highly recommend that you save incremental project files and do it often.  Especially after you make major or time consuming changes.  E.G.  File001, File002, and so on.  That way if you have a crash or fat finger something you can always revert back to a previous version.

    Never continually save over the same version (unless it's a test or something you don't care about).


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