Motion blur causing flickering

yo guys wanna ask how to fix the flickering in motion blur


  • Are you talking about the 3D layer motion blur, or the motion blur effect from the Effects panel? 

    If the 3D layer motion blur, there's a known bug that's being worked on. 

    But, while we're here, let me give you a motion blur tip for future reference. If you click the settings cog for an existing Composite Shot (and you can do this while creating a comp) besides the resolution/fps settings there's an "Advanced" tab with settings for fog and motion blur.

    The motion blur controls have settings for Shutter Angle, Shutter Phase, Number of Samples and Adaptive. Leave Adaptive checked. Number of Samples is the maximum amount of blur subrenders (turn this up for smoother blur, but know it will slow down your system. Honestly, the default is fine). 

    Let's talk shutter angle and phase. Angle controls the amount of blur. It's styled after a film camera where a literal slit is cut in a circle spinning in front of the film to reveal light. The default of 180 is usually good, but can be changed for slow/fast shutter speed control. 

    And that brings us to Shutter Phase. Shutter Phase should be "negative one half of shutter angle." Hitfilm defaults to 90, and it should be negative 90 (-90). Change the phase and you get better looking blur.

    This also applies to the Motion Blur Effect. 

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