Visualiser issues

Hey guys, im finally fed up with paying for Adobe CC and Hitfilm seems to be the perfect software for me to move over too.
so far i like the workflow and have been able to re-create our video templates with no issues up until remaking the visualiser, even with all the same perimeters available that are in AfterEffects  i cannot get it looking nice, the Hitfilm version just looks flickery and doesn't really flow nicely 

in this video i have an AE rendered video with the hitfilm visualiser in red underneath to show the difference
if i can get this looking acceptable ill be buying a licence and shifting completely to Hitfilm so any help is appreciated :D


  • Hi there are a good few things that might be going on here, any chance you can share the Hitfilm project?

  • @FelixDayy as far as I can tell, this is just how this effect works. I briefly had a mess around with the Audio Waveform and Audio Spectrum effects under the "Generate" category, and you can create some nice things by adjusting the width and colors and such.

  •  @Andy001z if you wanted to have a play around thatd be great heres the project!v4l1VL7C!JRRWcTX-VcK-fS5EJ1TS-w

    Cheers :)

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    Hi downloaded and loaded up. Need to play more, but I have already stripped the music out so that it is on it's own. Is this project as it is in your original? Also can you expand on what u mean by flow nicely?


  • this one is just a test project to try get the visuals right, as you can see in the comp1.mp4 video that is rendered using AfterEffects and the Visualiser looks nice and smooth flowy but i cant get the one in hitfilm looking the same it seems to be really flickery and the frequency bands seem too precise where as in the AE version its kinda smoothed out across the frequencies 

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