Hitfilm Express - Froze My Laptop Every Time - ver 13.1.9319

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When I make a NEW project and import a .M4V movie, Hitfilm freezes and then I have to hard reset my laptop.

I saw in the task manager Hitfilm went up to 9GB in memory, jumped back to 1.5GB and while my HDD light was constantly lit, until Windows 7 froze.

Some awful memory leak is going on in this version. Not sure if others are experiencing this, but be careful upgrading. I'm glad I didn't have any urgent tasks to finish.

I'm going to try ver 12 and see if its any better.



  • Could you provide some specs for your laptop, CPU, GPU, RAM?

    I (and many others) have been using 13.1 since it was released end of September and I don't recall crashes like you describe. 13.0 was also stable.

    Is this your first installation of Hitfilm or did you use earlier versions?

  • @pinthenet I agree with you. I have not had any problems with HitFilm V13 either Express or Pro version.

    @Gackt I would guess that your computer is under spec to run HitFilm. Given that you are still running Windows 7, that seems very likely. You can check the minimum specs here...


  • And Windows 7 isn't a supported OS. 

  • @Gackt - I have edited your OP to better reflect your issue.

    As others have stated Windows 7 is not a currently supported OS, so with that we may not be able to offer any support. But we do like to try to see if there is anything we can do to help, so if you could provide the answers to the question posted by @pinthenet, in which he asks for your system specs (CPU, GPU & RAM) that would be most helpful.

    If you would rather send a support ticket, you can do so here, should we not hear from you within 2 weeks this thread will be closed.

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