[SOLVED] "Process finished unexpectedly"

So I just got into editing and this was my first choice. So I make my project and when I go to export I get the one and only "Process finished unexpectedly" even before it could start render. 

My PC specs are

Intel Pentium G2020 2.90GHz


ATI  Mobility Radeon HD 4850


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    @Paulxxdab ; I'm not 100% up on specs on such but a quick google of your processor shows it was introduced in Jan 2013, so I feel fairly confident with saying that it is under the minimum requirements needed to run Hitfilm (especially the latest ver 13.x)  I'm more iffy on the GPU being within spec.  I don't know enough about the series numbers of those to know there, but I lean toward it being underspec as well.  Sorry, and you should definitely wait to hear from the more spec knowledgeable.

  • Without checking your GPU, your CPU is way under spec. Hitfilm needs an i3 or greater (i5, i7, i9) CPU and a Pentium is two tiers below an i3. 

  • @Paulxxdab as far as I can tell, your GPU is also way under spec, since it was announced in 2009 I can only assume it released shortly later. AMD GPUs are difficult to directly compare to the nvidia counterpart and therefore spec, but our general rule is anything that came before 2012 is most likely under spec.

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