How to get HitFilm on a Chromebook

So I have wanted HitFilm for a long time, and now I have a Chromebook, so does anybody know how to get HitFilm Express on a Chromebook?


  • As far as I know, HitFilm does not run on Chrome OS. You need either Windows OS or Mac OS to run HitFilm.

  • Oh ok, but thanks for responding, I am a big fan of your work

  • @FlamingThunderTV Thank you, and good luck with your projects! :)

  • @FlamingThunderTV

    To elaborate on what @FilmSensei said, there’s a few different reasons why HitFilm can’t run on Chromebook.

    1. Most Chromebook apps are web apps. They operate using the same code and principles of any website, and frankly, web technology is currently too limited to run a desktop class app- especially video editors- such as HitFilm. Once this limitation has been overcome, then ChromeOS will be amazing and just as viable as any other OS, but it will take years to accomplish that.

    2. Chromebooks currently have limited support for Android and Linux apps. Linux is capable of running desktop apps, however there is currently no Linux version of HitFilm due to multiple reasons, the biggest of which being too few Linux users to make porting HitFilm worth the time and money it would take to do so. (HitFilm is one of the biggest reasons I still use Windows-  if they added Linux support, my Windows days might be numbered.)

    3. Even if you could get HitFilm installed somehow, I’d estimate that about 99% of Chromebooks simply don’t have the guts to run HitFilm. This is the sad reality - they are normally marketed as cheaper alternatives to Windows laptops, and while part of that comes from ChromeOS being cheaper to use than Windows, it also comes from using cheap parts in manufacturing the systems. Amazon’s best selling Chromebooks don’t even come close to meeting HitFilm’s minimum spec. Beyond any other incompatibilities, this would be the ultimate nail in the coffin for almost all Chromebooks. 

    With all that said, I’m sorry you aren’t able to run HitFilm yet. Don’t give up on your dreams. Keep saving and stay excited for filmmaking and VFX. Practice as much as you can with what you have. I hope to see some amazing stuff from you! Good luck and best wishes!

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    Thanks all of you for responding, but do you know how to get Blender on a Chromebook?

  • You don't for the sane reasons as Hitfilm.

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