Blinking lights and more

I have a repetitive effect :  a light which blinks every 0.5s
At the moment I am copy/pasting keyframes along the timeline.
How else could it be done?

What if we could capture it as a 'preset' and then apply that 0.5s effect automatically across another shot's whole timeframe? 



  • An actual light, or a 2D iverlay layer, or other technique? How are you making the light, what are you keyframing? 

  • Anything that repeats. A light (let's say light flare LED) or, even, a red plane changing in opacity to simulate an alarm. 

    At the moment I create a keyframe going from 0 to 100 to 0 and then copy/paste it. That's fine for short time periods but if I want to do it every 0.5s for 30 secs it's a lot of copy pasting.

    Please don't say I am doing something very stupid.

  • Nope, copy/paste hekps, but, akso remember after you do, say, two complete cycles you can copy that group and paste 2 seconds. Do a couple pastes, re-copy and you're pasting 8 seconds. 

    For anything you're doing with masked planes... Take a look at the "Flicker" effect. On a dinner break on a shoot, so I can't check in Hitfilm right now, but turning random down, and setting a slow flicker might do what you want. 

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    I was wondering, how to create a blinking effect like the sun for a second off a metal button, or on a key etc.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator


    Small lens flares. Lens Flare effect. 

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