[SOLVED] Exported video has different background and a rhythmic piano note?

Hey y'all,

So I've been playing around with the program and finished my current project. When i exported the finished project it turns out that the background is actually not just black but rather a kind of triangular color gradient with also black ( instead of just plain black). Also for some reason there's a constant 'beeping' being played ( by a piano?) that is nowhere to be found on the audio...I have absolutely no idea how to fix these two issues and would appreciate any help.


  • Register/activate Express

  •  So is that like a 'watermark'?

  • @Erfuehrer ; Yes, that is the watermark for a copy of Express that hasn't been activated properly or when an add on effect is used ftom my understanding.  Pro Demo version also has a limitation on export, I believe but I think it might be a bit different.

  • @Erfuehrer

    Correct, the triangle and piano sounds are a watermark. Even though it is free, Express must be activated to remove the watermark and link the software to your account. If there is still a watermark on part of your video after activation, you have used a addon effect (all addon effects have a green mark next to them). Removing the effect or purchasing the addon will remove the watermark.

  • So lets say I've got no add ons selected that require a purchase, and my software is activated, but I've still got the watermark and the piano sound. What then?

  • @JCorduroy

    A few users have reported issues similar to this, particularly after an OS or HitFilm upgrade. This is what’s helped other users (This is borrowed from Axel, one of the Staff members):

    “Sounds like you need to reset your activation.

    1. Deactivate the software through File > Options > Activation
    2. Login to your account, and deactivate the software there: http://fxhome.com/account
    3.  Restart your computer
    4. Launch HitFilm and reactivate the software.”

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