[SOLVED] Transition does not show up on timeline

I am a new user.. I have watched videos on how to add a transition by dragging it between two clips in the timeline. It kind of works, but in tutorial videos it puts a very visible square on top of the clips and you can drag the start and stop of the transition. I only see narrow green bar and when I release the mouse button the transition seems to be added between the clips, but it is is not visible on the timeline. Using Hitfilm Express 13. Is this a bug or what am I doing wrong?

Ah... I now see that Hitfilm remembers the width of the transition you last added and the first transition you ever add becomes very narrow/short, so I had to zoom and drag that almost invisible transition into some size where i could see it. Next time i added a transition it had a more normal width.


  • The duration of the transition will be represented on the timeline, so if you are zoomed way out, so several minutes of your timeline are visible, the transitions can get pretty small. Zooming in on the timeline will allow you to more accurately see their length, and more easily adjust them.

  • Ok, I see.  If I just start HitFilm, drag out 2 clips (a few minutes long) and drag out a transition it is hard to see what happens as I only see a line dragged out and then it seems to disappear. Some minimum display width of the transition could have been nice. Thanks for the reply!

  • @torstengabrielsen a minimum width for a transition is not always possible, as you would then also need a minimum width for individual objects, which would then also mean a significantly smaller limit on how much of the timeline you could see at any given time, or alternatively objects no longer align with the time ruler at the top. It sounds like you could potentially be extremely zoomed out as Axel said.

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