[SOLVED] Installing HitFilm on a new computer

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AxelWilkinson or anyone....

Ive just ordered a better PC... but:

1) How do I install my Hit Film software onto my new computer. Will i have to buy it again?
2) Are these specs good enough?

Intel i7 8700 3.2Ghz (6 Core)
MSI H310M Pro Motherboard
Crusial 1TB SSD Hard drive
32Gb Memory
Black Tower
GTX 2080 8Gb Graphics card
Windows 10 Pro

LG 24UD58-B 60.5 cm (23.8") 4K UHD LED LCD Monitor - 16:9 - Matte Black, Glossy Black - 3840 x 2160 - 1.07 Billion Colors - FreeSync - 250 cd/m² - 5 ms - HDMI - DisplayPort


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    @JeffBeresford ; No, you will not have to buy it again unless you want to be able to export on both computers.  You go up the the black menu bar (top right of the screen) and click on ACCOUNT.  Under the 2nd section SOFTWARE it will show what version you have installed on what computer under ACTIVATIONS for that software.  Simply deactivate the current installation on your old computer and install as normal on your new one.  There is a link to re download if necessary.  

    Note: You are allowed to have Pro installed up to 3 computers (I think is correct) but only one at a time can be used for exporting/activated. My faulty memory... 

    I'll have to defer to the gurus on the specs question as I am not very up on those. FWIW, to me they look decent enough.  I use the Geforce 1060 with only 6GB  and 32 GB RAM with only minor inconveniences solvable by adjusting the Play/Pause settings.

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    thanks for that. its a relief.

  • @JeffBeresford

    Your specs should run HitFilm nicely for years to come! You should be able to handle 4K (and beyond) effortlessly. 

    HitFilm actually supports a wide range of computers... we mostly only hear about issues from people trying to run it on old (5+ years) or cheap (under $300) PCs.

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    Just to clarify, a single license for HitFilm Pro can be fully installed and activated on three computers at the same time. You could export three different projects simultaneously using those three computers, if you wanted.

    The single computer restriction is in regard to HitFilm Express, which can only be activated on one computer at a time.

    Oh, and yes, those specs are just fine.

  • @AxelWilkinson
    fantastic news. Thanks Axel

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