OBS, Multiple Audio Track Support.

Ok. I use OBS and I keep forgetting to switch my settings so that it records everything on one track. .

I would love to be able to have separate tracks so I can edit my background audio and my mic. THIS WOULD BE AN AMAZING thing to add. it just takes so much work otherwise


  • @Storymonster2012 HitFilm 13.0 should have support for multiple audio streams. If you click on the little cog of the audio in your media panel you should be able to select which audio stream you wish to use. If you drag this in twice, each with a different audio stream, then you should have access to both streams. Unfortunately you can not link the streams together, so you'll have to edit and sync each individually AFAIK.

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    Doesn't seem to be available on mine. there could be many reasons why but I will do something else to test

    EDIT: Just tried it now, once you change it so that the audio is on a single track - via cog, it changes all instances into that one i switched it too.

  • @Storymonster2012, try importing the same footage again so you have two instances in the media panel, then set one to one track, and the other to the other track. I'm not 100% familiar with this feature so excuse the mistake, thanks.

  • @Storymonster2012 Or you could just duplicate the asset in your Media Bin and change the Audio Track on the duplicate. Make sure you label the the two differently in the Media Bin. Essentially you can treat them like two different assets with two different audio tracks.

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