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I just got HitFilm Express. When I launch it, full screen or windowed, it is a black screen. I have two monitors and in the forums I see that disconnecting one helped some folks. It did not help here. I have uninstalled and reinstalled including deleting all AppData files and leftover registry entries. It activates properly and accepts my account info. Any ideas for further troubleshooting? I really want to try this software out to see if I want to buy the full version, but can't if I can't use it. One other thing of note, the UI seems to be responsive. If I click in the upper left cornet after the pointer changes to a finger, it gives me the about pop-up window in the software which is visible. Please find my specs below.

Software: HitFilm Express 13.1

OS: Win 10 Enterprise, fully patched

Graphics: Radeon R5 Discreet 2gb ram, fully patched (10/22/2019 patch level)

CPU: Intel i7-6700

RAM: 32gb


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    A couple ideas here... You're using Win 10 Enterprise? It's possible that the company you got your computer through has a policy that may be blocking certain HitFilm dependencies or other aspect of HitFilm. 

    Idea 2: Based on what I read, the Radeon R5 looks pretty bottom of the barrel for GPUs. I hope that you are not underspec, but it is harder to know for sure when it comes to AMD products. You might want to try HitFilm 11... if it works, then it might be your specs. If it doesn't, then there's probably another issue.

  • @ithkul (beaten to it by @triforcefx once again! Thanks for your help) That GPU does look rather teeny-tiny, especially when you have a whopping 32GB of RAM. I would be interested to see if your system does work in HitFilm 11 as triforce suggested.

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    I'd be willing to try 11. Where would I be able to get it? Is there an Express? I am looking to try it out, I'm just looking to edit video, not anything special. No after effects or anything just to edit video.


    Additionally, While it is Enterprise, I am not affected by any GPO that would limit me. This is a standalone system that is not domain joined. I also am the one who sysprepped it.

  • @ithkul ;

    You’ll probably need to uninstall 13 before installing 11.

  • Success! version 11 works. You may close this thread. Thanks for the help.

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