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Dear Forum

I was testing the new Hitfilm pro 13 in a trial mode ... 

I designed few projects, but  when i try to export the file for testing it., The video has Logo Watermark and the music also cant play.. So what's the purpose of giving a free trial if nothing works, I lost over a week of work because at the end i can't open the project  with a previous version. 

The New UI is totally  awesome and Rendering capabilities is priceless, But  I am not yet ready to upgrade my HFPro-11 to 13. 

Also i have few colleagues starting  slowly to upgrade to Hitfilm pro 12-13, How ever the new Hitfilm Pro  does not have the future to save it he project in older version. Because Hitfilm does not have this feature is troublesome to share project editing among different locations. 

Is it possible to open a New Version project with older version of Hitfilm pro?


Thank you 


  • @ChuppyPro ; Unfortunately, once you save a project in a new version of HF you cannot open it in an earlier version.  If you are collaborating with others using previous versions you can always load the same version of the software they are using along side the current one.   So, you could have version 11 and 13 installed at the same time.  Just make sure to save in the compatible version that your friends have.

    That said, please refrain from asking the same question in different areas of the forum.  Sorry if that sounds a little blunt, but not doing that will prevent the list from being populated with duplicates.   Thanks!

  • @ChuppyPro

    The purpose of giving you a free trial is to encourage you to buy the software. Getting rid of the watermark is the encouragement.

    Express 13 will open your project and will render out perfectly anything that isn’t a “Pro” feature.

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    Thank you for your prompt response 

    a "Free Trial" is clear in definition and a Watermark without sound or a banging piano note on the final output at export  does not make it a  free trail, is  just a brief tour of the new UI. For all Video editors what matters the most is the final result after exporting. Ask Sony Vega (now Magix) 

    If my opinion counts

    Common practice by all software developers is 15-30 days full testing to get new experience of; UI, new Features, new updates, effects. etc., until the Mot important stage; the final result to know the  exporting quality of the project.  Can't sell  what was given Free from the start , ask DaVinci Resolve? 

    looking forward to continue experiencing HF development 

    Best regards and wishes of full success

  • @ChuppyPro the trial of Pro is designed to trial the features that are unique to pro and not express. If you're looking to test export and other things, then i recommend you install HitFilm Express 13, since it is completely free.

  • @ChuppyPro

    (I’m not Staff, just a user- my opinions are my own)

    I do understand your opinions, however something should be clarified. Anyone is free to correct me if I have some bad information.

    Version cross-compatibility is something that is RARE for NLEs and compositing software. HitFilm actually goes above and beyond with the ability to open a project from VERSION 1 or any other previous version of the software in the latest version of HitFilm. You almost never see the ability to go backwards and open a new project in an old version.


    To talk about your second point, every software trial I’ve ever seen has limitations of some sort. With video editors, this is usually one of two things: a watermark (like HitFilm) or an export time limit. Why doesn’t HitFilm use an export time limit? Because it’s also a compositor- most VFX shots are less than a minute long. People would use the trial for their shot and FXHome would never get paid. They would suffer from the same thing early Adobe products suffered from: users abusing the free trials. FXHome is a lot smaller than Adobe. If they did this, they’d lose a lot of business- to the point of going out of business, or not being able to support the ongoing development of HitFilm. 

    Finally, I’d agree with @TheBenNorris - HitFilm Express is the true “Free Trial.” Arguably, the HitFilm Pro demo only exists to make sure that your computer can run it, and to be a pre-activation environment for the full version. Express is the equivalent of the free version of Resolve. The main reason it’s separate software is because of the add-on packs to get the Pro features you need without paying full price for Pro. Express has no time limits, no watermarks for its base features, gets every update at [almost] the same time as Pro, opens projects from both Express and Pro, and is free to use regardless of commercial intent. 

    I personally love FXHome’s business model. Sure, it’s not perfect, but it is one of the best I’ve ever seen- both for us, the consumers, and for them.

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