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Hello all! My name is Marcus Johnson and I work for NewBlue. We make a number of different products like video filters, transitions, and even a professional level titling tool that work inside different NLEs.

Our OpenFX plugins work in HitFilm, and if any of you are using them I'd love to know your experiences!

We're working to reach out and meet our users where they are so I plan to be an active member of this forum. If you have any questions, comments, or need technical support with NewBlue products please let me know, I'll be happy to help.


  • Hi what's the best place to find your stuff.

  •  Probably our website, you can find more information about all our products as well as download free trial versions:


  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    @NewBlue_MJ welcome to the forum!

    @Andy001z I run a lot of NewBlue stuff - I haven't updated in a couple of years, so I can't speak to any changes made in the last two years, but they have a wide range of effects and transition filters. Things run nice and smooth in Hitfilm. 

    I also note if you're also using Vegas (and I assume this applies to other OFX hosts) any installed NewBlue filters run in both hosts. 

    Personally I'd recommend looking at Titler Pro (I like Titler Pro more than Boris), and Colorfast 2 is a really solid grading tool that notably has the Secondary Color Correction wheels Hitfilm lacks. 

    Disclaimer: Mods don't work for FXHOME. We're user volunteers who help kill spam. In this case, my opinions are my own. 


  • I'll second that Titler Pro (TP) is pretty nice. Boris maybe has more features but Boris is a PITA to use. TP is pretty obvious to use and yet quite powerful.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    @NormanPCN and, of course Titler Pro really comes into it's own if you have other NewBlue filters. As you said, Boris has some more powerful features, but Titler Pro is faster to use and faster to render..

    The main Boris advantage is Boris can directly read Hitfilm's cameras and lights, which is useful when integrating text into, say, a camera track, but matching 3D text with a 3D animation is almost the only use case where I reach for Boris. Usually I'm using NewBlue or the default text tools in Hitfilm/Vegas. (for Vegas, it's all about the Legacy Text.) 

  •  Thank you for all the kind words about Titler Pro! I was around back when Titler Pro 1 was being designed and it's amazing to see how much more advanced it is now.

    If you haven't yet please check out our latest version 7 which includes some awesome new features including the ability to bring in After Effects projects:


  • @Triem23

    I just checked and I have New Blue Titler Pro 5 installed for Corel Video Studio 2019. I also have the following New Blue effects: Color Effects, Motion Effects, Sampler Effects and New Blue Video Essentials I - VII. How would I go about using these in HitFilm Pro?

  •  @DataDesign

    Do you know if those Titler Pro 5 and the NewBlue effects were included with Video Studio? Or did you purchase them separately?

  • Forgot to mention. I had a lot of the NewBlue effects when I used Vegas. Hitfilm kinda makes a bunch of that not necessary. Still some things can be quicker in NewBlue. A specific effect all there and ready to go (sliders)  versus possibly building up from primitives. Speed of workflow comes to mind here. As usual, it all depends on what you do...and how frequently.

    I do have and still use/install the Transitions Ultimate package.

  • @NewBlue_MJ

    The effects were included. Some of the same effects are also in my Pinnacle Studio 23 Ultimate. I also have Vegas Pro 15 but I do not find any New Blue effects listed there.

  • @DataDesign

    I apologize, any NewBlue products that are included with your editing software will only work with that editing software. So the effects included with Corel Video Studio will only work in Video Studio, the Pinnacle included effects only work in Pinnacle, etc.

    But if you purchase directly from us, the products can be used in all of your software, including HitFilm. We even have a subscription option available for our TotalFX package, which includes Titler Pro 7 along with all our effects and transitions:


  • @NewBlue_MJ

    Ok, Thanks.

    One more question: While searching for New Blue products on my PC, I find that I have a program called New Blue Effects Manager. When I run the program it is asking me to create an account or log in, which I will do later. What sort of "management" is possible with this program? Thanks

  • @DataDesign

    The Effects Manager is actually the activation manager for our products. For purchased NewBlue products, you would log into your account and the serial number would unlock your software. For bundled products like those in Video Studio, this is more akin to registering your product with NewBlue. You don't have to do it to use those effects, but it will allow you to be on our mailing list and get notices of our sales and special offers.

  • NewBlue_MJ

    Thanks for the reply.

  •  Just wanted to add here, I saw another thread where Titler Pro was mentioned as a good but expensive option to achieve a certain title look. Titler Pro 7 Ultimate is actually included in our TotalFX package which has a monthly subscription option:


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