Won't export properly anymore

I need help. My video is 10 minutes and the first time I tried exporting it worked perfectly fine with no problems at all. But then I realized that the video could be improved upon so edited the video transitions slightly and tried to export it again about 30 minutes later. The first time it stopped about 40% in and said "Bad Allocation". So I freed up some space in my computer and tried exporting again but now it keeps saying that the Export is fi ished but the video file itself has nothing in it (when I check the details of the file it starts from 0 KB and very slowly increases but no video is actually being saved) and produces a black screen and an error message. Each time I try to export it again it does the same thing.


  • @Penguinfami ; If you haven't tried this already, save your project and close Hitfilm and then restart it load your project back and give it try.  I'm not a tech whiz, but it sounds like there might be some extraneous bit of something from the first error that's bogging up the process.  It might take rebooting the computer though but I'm not sure on that.  Hope this gives you a starting point to try until someone more knowledgeable can respond.

  • Is the error related to this specific project, or does it affect all projects?  Which export preset are you using? If you switch to a different export preset, which exports to a different format, do you see the same results? If you try to export to a different drive, do you get the same error?

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