[SOLVED] Watermarks still there despite using serial activation

 So i've picked HitFilm back up and when i try to export it still adds the audio watermark and the triangles. I've followed videos on how to fix this but nothing is working for me. When i login FX Home and go to account it shows my serial code, ive put it in the activation on hitfilm and it says my account is linked but the activate button is still in the top right and still applying watermarks, im lost, please help. thanks


  • @Archaisor ; I can't say for certain this is related to your issue, but several people have had trouble with activation watermarks after upgrading to Catalina on a Mac.  The fix seems to be deactivating Hitfilm on your account page to your computer then reactivating.  Even if you aren't on a MAC it might be worth a try.

  • I think my problem was the code was still tied to my pc from last year, when i last used hitfilm, Although now i've deactivated it and when i click the activate button the choice to activate appears for 1 second and disappears before i can click it. 

  • @Archaisor ; Well, that's certainly a new wrinkle.  Hopefully someone else has seen or experienced that and will weigh in here.  I'm lost... :)

  • When i download the program and click activate the window pops up for a split seconds then dissapears so i cant activate help please.

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    @tddavis let me tag you in here for reference. 

    If you had an older computer and didn't deactivate your Hitfilm Express on that machine, it's a simple fix. Just click the account button at the top of this page and scroll down a bit. There's a list of your FXHOME products, and a "View Activation(s)" link. From here you can deactivate your license at the FXHOME server end, which will free up your current computer for reactivation!

    If that doesn't work - but it should - there's another user today reporting a similar issue. Need to check with them to see if it's their first time ever activating. If so, there may be an OS or hardware issue I don't know about (Mods aren't FXHOME Staff, but are user volunteers), in which case I'd recommend scrolling down this page, finding the support link, and opening a ticket. Just note it's the weekend, so Support is off until Monday. 

  • @Triem23 ; Thanks for tag me in... What woukd cause the activate button to disappear like the O.P. is talking about?

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    To clarify, this is the first time you've ever downloaded Hitfilm? Another user has a similar issue but thinks they may have left Hitfilm activated on an old computer they don't have anymore. 

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    @Archaisor @Mooffer after replying to you both, I decided to merge your threads. I'm assuming it will be the same cause/issue for both of you. If so, it will save Mods/Staff some retyping. 

    If I'm wrong, and you two have different issues, I'll split these threads again. 

    Mooffer if this is not your first-ever Hitfilm download - if you've ever had it on another comp, read my first post in this thread. That should, hopefully, take care of the issue.

    Can I ask both of you to list off your system specs? CPU, GPU, OS, RAM and storage? Check that your GPU drivers are current (this FAQ will tell you how https://fxhome.com/faqs/view/10

    I wouldn't think hardware/drivers would cause this issue, but it doesn't hurt to check.

    Are you running a Mac on Catalina? Catalina is new enough where there are a few known Catalina related activation bugs - mostly involving machines that had Hitfilm installed dropping activation keys after updating to Catalina, but you may have a similar issue.

    That's all I got. Again, consider opening Support tickets. The Staff can help more then the Forum. 

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    My issue came after going to account and deactivating my old machine, since then whenever i launch HitFilm Express the activate button doesn't work or brings up the activate and unlock option for a split second. I'm on windows 10, Ryzen 5 3600 proc, 16gb ram and a GTX 1660 gfx card. Im assuming once i can keep the activate and unlock option open for longer than a second ill be fine with using my old serial code. until them im stuck. 

    I opened a ticket last night im just waiting to hear back from them.

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    @Archaisor Ok. Again, it's the weekend, so you likely won't here back from Support until later on Monday.

  • This sounds like an issue which has recently been affecting a small percentage of users, where the activation window doesn't get rendered front and center, where it should be. Try this:

    1- Go into the program directory for the product, e.g, C:\Program Files\FXhome\HitFilm Express
    2- Open the ActivationApp folder
    3- Double-click Activate.bat

    From there, you will be able to access the Activation box.

  • I came here to comment the fix but Axel beat me to it, Thanks guys

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